Between Neens & Deens

we're just two 20-something-year-olds tryna navigate life as young first time parents. we invite you into the intimate conversations that usually just stay between us as we talk about all things money, sex, relationships and parenthood. hosted by @yourgirlneens and @dejansdayoff. you can find us on IG @neensanddeens. interested in advertising on our show? email us at (intro song by @callmeside)


we're taking a break - see you next year!
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I don't trust you if all your exes are "crazy"
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being called out for interrupting + other toxic behaviours
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Q+A with an interior designer: getting clients while still in school, sustainability & tips for furnishing your space ft. Taylor Reiko
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the myth of success + dealing with imposter syndrome
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friendship breakups are harder than relationship breakups
Show Details48min 13s
it's okay to not feel okay
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five lessons we learned too late in life
Show Details34min 55s
how we got our baby to sleep 12 hours at night
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finding our body confidence & dealing with insecurities
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raising an interracial baby
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how we manifested our dream life
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what it's really like being the female breadwinner
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how we navigate sexist parenting stereotypes
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I have no sex drive and that's okay
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how college both prepared us and failed us
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reparenting the angry overachiever & needy narcissist
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how we developed our own personal style
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why we've only been in interracial relationships
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what I wish I knew about life postpartum
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an imperfect conversation about racism
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moving in together Q+A: splitting rent, having less sex & taking space
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when we knew it was time to move in together
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our first two weeks of parenthood
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how my four day labour ended in an emergency c-section
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our pregnancy in a nutshell
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sometimes we miss being single
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our (home) birth plan
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getting cheated on was the best thing to happen to me
Show Details48min 45s
why I cheated on someone I loved
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it's time to drop your toxic friends
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sorry mom, but marriage can wait
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how we decided to keep our unplanned pregnancy
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find someone that matches your crazy
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