Behind the Formula

New to F1, but not so new to this whole researching thing… 

Join us, Jovana (a lifelong fan of 90s cartoons and occasional fan of economics) and Gabrielle (a historian/archivist and a lover of movies of questionable quality), as we temple run Formula One and general motorsport history. Alongside facts and tangents, we will get into how the sport has shaped and has been shaped by the world around it over the years.


3 - Are We There Yet?
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BTF Pitstop 9: 2021 Italian GP
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BTF Pitstop 8: 2021 Hungarian GP
Show Details40min 5s
BTF Pitstop 7: 2021 British GP
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BTF Pitstop 6: 2021 Austrian and Styrian GP
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BTF Pitstop 5: 2021 French GP and Puebla E-Prix
Show Details48min 36s
BTF Pitstop 4: Well Done Baku (2021 Azerbaijan GP)
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BTF Pitstop 3: 2021 Monaco GP (and E-Prix)
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2 - We’re Going to Need a Bigger Fund...
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BTF Pitstop 2: 2021 Spanish GP
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BTF Pitstop 1: 2021 Portugal GP
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1 - Disastrous Dinner Parties and Motorized Tricycles
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Behind the Formula: Trailer
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