Intimacy and Sex | Episode 36

Episode 36
13m | Jul 18, 2023

Join us for an engaging episode of the "Beards, Biceps, and Beliefs" podcast as we explore the powerful topics of intimacy and sex. We discuss the profound closeness and emotional vulnerability that define intimacy and how it nourishes our connections. Additionally, we delve into the diverse realm of sex, from tender moments to wild fantasies, highlighting the importance of communication, consent, sexual health, and the role of intimacy in nurturing healthy relationships.

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0:03: Intimacy with your wife. 

1:37 The honeymoon phase of marriage.

3:36 You need to be continuously dating

7:45 Sexless marriage. 

9:49 Don’t expect sex every single day. 

11:41 How to relieve stress and anxiety?

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