A Journey To Inner Empowerment | Episode 38

Episode 38
11m | Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to the "Beards, Biceps, Beliefs, and Sometimes Bourbon" podcast. We aim to help you overcome life's obstacles and succeed in your career, business, fitness, and relationships. Of course, we also enjoy the occasional bourbon tasting. Today's topic is confidence. 

As a coach, I've worked with clients facing different challenges, including relationship issues. For instance, one client needs help maintaining confidence in a long-distance relationship. 

Let's explore together how to boost confidence and overcome these obstacles.

0:08 Building confidence in relationships.

1:49 Building confidence in various areas of life.

3:32 Confidence in personal and professional life.

6:49 Self-confidence and how it relates to work, dating, and appearance

8:09 Building confidence through self-improvement and supportive relationships.

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