#12 Be Who You Really Are

11m | Nov 24, 2021

In this episode I speak about:

  • What does 'be your authentic self' really mean?
  • Being yourself at work Vs feeling safe to do so
  • Code switching
  • The 'bubble' you have influence over
  • Leading by example to encourage others
  • You don't have to overshare!
  • Get clarity on what you stand for and how you do what you do

Mentions in this episode:

#2 Supporting you to be Brave Part I

Ep 7 Supporting you to be Brave Part II

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Thank you for your time today.

Monique Carayol is an award-winning ambitious change maker, consultant, coach and keynote speaker. She shares her leadership experience and insights gained from a 20 year corporate career in healthcare (NHS), starting as a PA and navigating her way up to a board level executive director role. She made a career transition to fulfil her purpose of building a movement of brave leaders 'so that together we tackle society's fundamental needs' and founded Your New Avenue - a Leadership and Talent Development Consultancy to support organisations to grow and sustain diverse leadership talent pipelines and build brave, compassionate senior/executive leadership and collaborative change agent capability.

Throughout the podcast series, Monique will:

  • Encourage you to be yourself
  • Support you to back yourself
  • Guide you on how to take practical steps to help you as an aspiring brave leader at any level to make it happen

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