The Books and Bumrolls Podcast

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and felt like talking about it for hours? Well, don't bore your friends to death, come listen to us instead.It'll feel like a conversation, we promise.

This is a podcast where two sisters read a wide variety of books and watch an unholy amount of their film and tv adaptations, and every week, they lock themselves in a cupboard and have a chat about it...because why not?


EP23 Les Liaisons Dangereuses the film 1960
Show Details42min 17s
EP22 Valmont the film 1989
Show Details38min 45s
EP21 Les Liaisons Dangereuses the film 1988
Show Details35min 23s
EP20 Les Liaisons Dangereuses the book
Show Details52min 50s
EP19 The Portrait of a Lady the film 1996
Show Details37min 38s
EP18 The Portrait of a lady the book
Show Details52min 8s
EP17 Rebecca the film 1940
Show Details44min 4s
EP16 Rebecca the film 1997
Show Details45min 29s
EP15 Rebecca the film 2020
Show Details45min 4s
EP14 Rebecca the book
Show Details58min 50s
EP13 The House of Mirth the film 2000
Show Details59min 46s
EP12 The House of Mirth the book
Show Details1hr 5min
EP11 The Age of Innocence the film 1993
Show Details48min 16s
EP10 The age of innocence the book
Show Details1hr 3min
EP9 Emma the tv show 2009
Show Details48min 25s
EP8 Emma the film 2020
Show Details47min 13s
EP7 Emma the film 1996
Show Details56min 14s
EP6 Emma the book
Show Details47min 54s
EP5 Pride and Prejudice the tv show 1980
Show Details41min 40s
EP4 Pride and Prejudice the film 1940
Show Details43min 37s
EP3 Pride and Prejudice the tv show 1995
Show Details55min 20s
EP2 Pride and Prejudice the film
Show Details48min 29s
EP1 Pride and Prejudice the book
Show Details49min 5s