• Missed Opportunities

    We get together after a LONG WHILE and have a discussion on several Star Wars shows that have came out since the last time we got together as well as some others from before that we didn't talk about. We also talk a little bit about something that came from Celebration '23

    1h 17m - Jun 8, 2023
  • Mandalorian in the house

    We have a special guest (Brad C.) who is a cosplayer who happens to be part of the Salt Lake Mando Mercs. We ask him a couple of questions on the Star Wars Universe followed by his involvement being a Mandalorian.

    55m - Nov 28, 2022
  • They're not text books

    In this episode, we combine 2 sessions and we discuss our Top 5 Lightsaber fights in the first half of the recording. Then in the 2nd half we discuss our Top 5 "Using the Force" moments.

    E7 - 52m - Oct 2, 2022
  • Babu Frik Really???

    We get together to have a discussion on our Top 11 Standout Characters from each of the Star Wars movies. These are not our FAVORITE characters who stand out in each of the movies, and Lee plays a game with himself to guess the characters that the article was was based off.

    E6 - 53m - Sep 4, 2022
  • Flintstone Vitamins

    We discuss the top 30 Star Wars games according to the May 4, 2022 issue of Game Informer Magazine.

    E5 - 1h 1m - Aug 15, 2022
  • Legal Restraint

    We get together to discuss our "Favorite" things from the Star Wars movies, and to start off the questions the panelists are thrown a couple of curveball questions that they weren't provided.

    E2 - 1h 11m - Jul 31, 2022
  • It Always Happens on Tatooine

    In this first episode we have a discussion about 3 lists found online about 1) 10 Suspects who may have saved Grogu from the Jedi Temple

    2.) 11 Most Evilest Droids in Star Wars

    3.) 12 Least to Most Powerful Villains in the Star Wars Movies

    and Dave has a questionnaire for us.

    E1 - 1h 6m - Jul 18, 2022
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