We are going to be talking about life ,the mindset ,what it take to become a successful trader and much much more. so stay tune and get excited for what's to come.. I say we because i want you the listeners to interact and talk about your experiences as a new or expert trader or even if your someone that is just interested,and want to know more about trading/investing in general ... i want to build a platform for traders by traders


MARKETS are on Sale!!!
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Shiba Burn PARTY!!!!
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Stocks and Shiba INU BURN PARTY !!!!!
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Shib Talk
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Ep-17...How to start trading the Foreign Exchange Market
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My Shiba Analysis
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Ep-16... Breaking News On Shiba Inu!!!
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Ep-14... SHIBA INU Done Broke The Internet!!!
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Ep-13... 7 Key Rules To Trading
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Ep-12... What are ETF's
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Ep-11...Live Trading Session
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Ep-10... What Are NFT'S
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Ep-9...Shiba Part 2
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Ep-7... Education Session
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EP-5...Meet Emilio!
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Ep-4...The Man, The Myth,The Legend
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Ep-3...Analysis for the Week
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Ep-2...SHIBA COIN !!!
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Ep-1...Introduction to the World
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