We Have To Talk

"We Have To Talk" is a podcast where I have conversations with individuals who exhibit empowerment, influence, self-expression, creativity, and love for life. This is something I wanted to let the world know. These are regular people who do extraordinary things. From photographers, chefs, musicians, choreographers, artists, and collectors. The show is all about spreading positivity, storytelling, getting advice, sharing stories, and having fun. 

Instagram: @Just_Chevar

Twitter: @Chevar


Believe in You(r Brand)
Show Details52min 55s
The Energy, The Vibration
Show Details39min
Change the Perspective
Show Details57min 40s
From Beats to Bike Life
Show Details44min 16s
Cakes, Nails, and Hair Oh My!!!
Show Details47min 25s
Let's Dance
Show Details31min 58s