The Entrepreneur Uprising with Luke Dugan

Luke Dugan takes a deep dive into the world of modern-day entrepreneurship.

Interviewing business owners and taking a peak behind the curtain to reveal who they really are.

After all, they're only human, so come and join me on the journey.

Maybe we can both learn some valuable business and life lessons along the way.

We will be touching on their business achievements and future projects, their life’s purpose, the highs and lows, and of course everything else in between.

Luke will give his all and have you leaving with a fresh sense of what makes entrepreneurs tick. So take a seat, grab a drink and join me for the ride.

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Episode 8: Building Systems & Scaling with Jonny Smith.
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Episode 7: Reflecting and Adapting our Goals in a Dynamic World with Natalie Cromie
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Episode 6: Grow a Business with Virtual Assistants and Build a Brand in the eCommerce World with Luke Filer
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Episode 5: An Amazon 7 Figure Digital Nomad with Thomas Parkinson
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Episode 4: From a police career,setting up a first side hustle, through to eCommerce and property businesses with Jim Davies.
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Episode 3: A business which has led to the world of eCommerce with Hayden Davidson
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Episode 2: Building Multiple Streams of Income from Part-time Side Hustle to Full-time Entrepreneur with Christos Fellas
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Episode 1: My Journey in the World of Digital Business
Show Details12min 50s
Show Details1min 48s