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Learn all you need to know, to be able to speak and understand Yoruba Language through bite-sized Yoruba lessons with Eniola from I Speak Yoruba Too. Start learning for free now and speak Yoruba from your very first lesson! Surprise the native speakers when you say to them "Èmi náà ń sọ Yorùbá" - I Speak Yoruba Too!


Level 1 Lesson 18 - Ń.../ Simple Present Tense.
Show Details9min 25s
Level 1 Lesson 17 - lọ, sùn, ra.../Basic past tense...
Show Details9min 57s
Level 1 Lesson 16 - kí ni ẹ fẹ́?.../What do you want?...
Show Details15min 7s
Level 1 Lesson 15 - Mo fẹ́.../I want to...
Show Details8min 9s
Level 1 Lesson 14 - Ó dùn, Adùn.../It's delicious
Show Details10min 33s
Level 1 Lesson 13 - Fún.../Give...
Show Details11min 52s
Level 1 Lesson 12 - Ní, Ò ní , Wà, Kò sí.../Have, There is...
Show Details12min 41s
Level 1 Lesson 11 - Kọ́, Kì ń ṣe.../It is NOT...
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Level 1 Lesson 10 - Ó.../It...
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Level 1 Lesson 9 - Yìí, Èyí, Yẹn, Ìyẹn.../This, That...
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Level 1 Lesson 8 - Nìyí, Ki ní ..../This is, What?
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Level 1 Lesson 7 - Ni.../It is
Show Details13min 20s
Level 1 Lesson 6 - Ẹ jọ̀ọ́, Má bínú... /Excuse me, Sorry.
Show Details11min 33s
Level 1 Lesson 5 - Ẹ ṣé, kò tọ́ pẹ́... /Thank You, Welcome
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Level 1 Lesson 4 - Jọ̀ọ́, Jọ̀wọ́.../Please
Show Details8min 7s
Level 1 Lesson 3 - Ẹ káàbọ̀, Ódàbọ̀.../Welcome, Goodbye
Show Details8min 26s
Level 1 Lesson 2 - Bẹ́ẹ̀ ni, Rárá... /Yes, No
Show Details8min 19s
Level 1 Lesson 1 - Ẹ káàárọ̀, Ẹ káàsán.../Basic Yoruba Greetings
Show Details12min 10s
I speak Yoruba too Trailer
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