The Fleabag Research Project

An amateur research project on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag in two parts: First, the response of young female audience members in 10 Single Person Focus Interviews, and professional insight into the show's inner workings second through Expert Interviews. Each episode will act as its own exploration of one facet of the show.


9th SPFI with Evie Muir
Show Details59min 28s
8th SPFI with Ariadne Meriwether
Show Details59min 36s
7th SPFI with Dama Correch
Show Details59min 33s
6th SPFI with Mahtab
Show Details1hr 1min
5th SPFI with Brigitte May
Show Details1hr
4th SPFI with Atoosa Karimi
Show Details51min 13s
3rd SPFI with Charlotte Hursey
Show Details56min 6s
2nd SPFI with Daisy Couture
Show Details1hr 7min
1st SPFI with Teagan Pettit
Show Details43min 16s
Show Details6min 24s