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Athletes Unite Conference Podcast

The purpose of the Athletes Unite Conference Podcast is to bring together athletes current and former to increase awareness around mental health while providing an experience for athletes to create businesses and career opportunities through sports, entrepreneurship, and technology. On this podcast we'll get to hear some of the background stories from our guest speakers. Your hosts Classye James, MBA whose an extremely versatile individual as an athlete, techie and serial entrepreneur. Along with her co-host Jonathan Jones, athlete, author, and highly sought after speaker. They will bring real, relevant and hard hitting conversation that you won't get anywhere else.


How To Create Generational Health (feat. Dorrell Jalloh)
Show Details26min 27s
How To Secure Funding For Your Dreams (feat. Ahmad Starks, Tiffany Kelly & Bryan Young)
Show Details43min 42s
How To Have A Healthy Relationship with Food with (Katie Spada & Kara Wilson)
Show Details41min 13s
From NFL Hall of Fame to Hollywood (feat. Dwight Hicks)
Show Details35min 22s
How To Effectively Coach Athletes Before & After Sports
Show Details37min 35s
The Essentials of Building Your Personal Brand
Show Details49min 57s
Boss Up Giving Back
Show Details49min 32s
The Athlete Unite Conference Through Jasmine Evans Eyes
Show Details51s
How To Go From An Athlete To Author
Show Details46min 39s
“We are Naturally Leaders, We aren’t Just Athletes” with Kenny Smith and Dr. Erica Glover
Show Details22min 53s
“We Can Accomplish So Much More Together Than We Can Apart” with Katie Spada
Show Details15min 3s
Living Our Lives’ Mission Confidently with Arissa Wilson
Show Details20min 58s
Bridging the Gap and Making the Transition Smooth for Life After Sports with Penelope Yamauchi
Show Details15min 40s
Athletes Adapting to Technology with Derek Boone
Show Details23min 25s
“There is Life After Sports”: Connecting Student Athletes and Young Professionals with the Seasoned Veterans, with Sydnee Walker
Show Details14min 56s
Go Together and Be Powerful as One with Katrina Clayton
Show Details17min 29s
How To Live By The Law of Athlete with Deonte Holden
Show Details19min 56s
The Importance of Reconnecting to Other Athletes with Josh Haymond
Show Details17min 52s
Learning from the ‘Payne’: Leverage Life and Be the Best that You Can Be with Beau Payne
Show Details18min 6s
Athlete’s Life Struggles Outside Their Passion with Bethany Crouch
Show Details24min 3s
Transition Like a Champion: Why Collaboration is the New Game with Derrick Furlow Jr.
Show Details21min 21s
The Introduction & The Purpose Of The Podcast
Show Details10min 46s
5 Reasons To Attend The Athletes Unite Conference
Show Details23min 10s