13 - MYANMAR COUP, Rohingya, Aung San Suu Kyi - Dr. Elliot Prasse-Freeman (Anthropologist)

Episode 20
1h 24m | Feb 12, 2021

Dr. Elliott Prasse-Freeman received his PhD from the Department of Anthropology at Yale University. He has conducted long-term fieldwork in Myanmar, and is working on a book project focusing on Burmese subaltern political thought as adduced from an extended ethnography of activism and contentious politics in the country's semi-authoritarian setting. Prasse-Freeman is also currently studying Rohingya political subjectivity amidst dislocation and mass violence, with a particular focus on their maneuvers in the context of post-sovereign governmental regimes that incorporate Human Rights discourse, humanitarian care/exclusion, and biopolitical regulation.

Justin and Alan are TV hosts and actors mostly known for being the hosts of Asia's Got Talent.

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