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Are We Podcasting Yet?

Are We Podcasting Yet? is a podcast created by Justin Bratton and Alan Wong (the Hosts of Asia's Got Talent) that aims to interview interesting, talented and game-changing people from across the globe. Due the time Alan and Justin spend living and working in in Los Angeles, Austin, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, the show offers a trans-pacific view on the world. Nothing is off limits! From relationships and ghosts, all the way to geopolitics and daily news, this podcast has something for everyone.

The hosts Justin Bratton and Alan Wong are established international TV hosts and actors based in Los Angeles and Singapore. Their mixed Asian heritage and transient transpacific lifestyles give them a unique perspective on topics from across the globe.

Alan has hosted for MTV Asia and acted in multiple hit Singaporean drama series.

Justin has hosted award winning travel shows aired on Channel News Asia & Discovery International and is an award winning filmmaker.

Together they host Asia's Got Talent.