Y'all Ready To Kranch It Up? - Fall Ball Wk 1

Episode 13
1h 19m | Oct 30, 2022

Blaseball is back! Sort of…

The black hole spits out several players from the league onto different teams. This event is dubbed as the Fall Ball where every week each team will get one more player. Play must continue. 

Thanks to a suggestion from KiloZombie of BACo fame, this will now be a weekly series from us! Bluey, Gob, Dragoni and Hayzel discuss the first week’s drop of players. Why are the Tacos freaking out about the Kranch? Just who is Charlatan Seabright? Saul Goodman? Divorce? The power of IRMs and lore, and what could Fall Ball mean for the future of Blaseball? 

Find out more on the Fall Ball: 

For discussion of this episode, join us at the Unlimited Tacostand under the-podco-truck channel in Fanworks. Please tell us how Pothos is pronounced. 

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Jace’s art of Edric and Qais

Dragonis’s Blasetorber fic

Hen WTC Archie Lampman fic

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