Schlorpy Blorpy fell to the Shwoongles - Fall Ball Wk2

Episode 14
1h 29m | Nov 9, 2022

Fall Ball 2!! Can we reach the email count? In today's fall ball we talk about: Zack Sanders and body autonomy, Gabriel Griffith on the Hot Ones, THE BIG GRACK and Ivy, Barry Buckhard, MLM, the Houston Astros, Chorby Short's world tour, Axel Campbell, AND the taco's receiving Tot Best

For discussion of this episode, join us at the Unlimited Tacostand under the-podco-truck channel in Fanworks.

~Reference Zone~

Stara’s series


Prelude to a Gloogle Calendar Invitation

Gob’s GG crab art 

Slender man cooking hotdogs

The Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

Jace’s Art

Morpho Anatomy for Artists

Snap Grackle Pop

Hayzel's kofi

Look Back by Tatsuki Fujimoto

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