• Grief, Grace and Yoga; The Full Circle of Traveling Home. - with Buffie Diaz

    Welcome Buffie! I am so grateful to have my Friend and beautiful Soul Sister here in studio. She has been on an incredible journey through grief and grace, and I can't wait for you to hear her inspirational story and words of wisdom.

    Buffie Diaz, MA, E-TYT500, is the CEO Elements Wellness. She is a dedicated student and teacher of yoga and spirituality. A globe-trotting minimalist and mother of four, she has deeply energetic and physical aspects of a modern yogic lifestyle and enjoys incorporating all of those aspects into her training and retreat offerings. Buffie considers herself a life-long student who will alwyas be playing and exploring.

    When whe is not hosting transformational training or international retreats, Buffie enjoys writing, hiking, traveling, cooking, creating art, dancing, educating her children, and spending time outdoors with her family. A few of her passions include empowering others to find healing and taking care of planet Earth.

    Buffie is a first time author in the collabrative, and Amazon Best Selling book, 'Outside the Box, Traveling Families that Work, Educate, and Live on their own Terms'.

    Check out Buffie's beautiful Chapter 8, 'On Leaving Home'.

    You can also connect with Buffie about Yoga Teacher Trainings, Interntional Retreats, and all things Wellness.



    1h 14m | Jan 26, 2024
  • Living Outside the Box and Becoming an International Best Selling Publicist. - with Sara Tyler

    This month we welcome the incredible Sara Tyler! I am so Grateful to be connected with this woman and am super excited for her latest book, Outside the Box to be released on December 8th!! (I'm chapter 6!)

    Growing up outside of Philadelphia this small town girl grew wings and moved to Mexico, traveled all over Central America, had a baby in El Salvador, and eventually settled back in Mexico with her husband and two beautiful girls.

    Sara is an expat mom and bestselling author and publisher of Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen that are Changing the World While Traveling, Born to Travel: Wanderlust Families that Collect Passport Stamps Instead of Toys, and BOOK THE FLIGHT ALREADY! Travelers Share their Life-Changing Stories from Off-the-Beaten-Track Bucket List Trips.  

    She believes travel is essential for mental health and the best education for kids, teens, and adults.

    She started Nomad Publishing in 2021 to help aspiring authors share their travel experiences with the world.

    She has written for International Living about expat life in Mexico and organized TEDxBocadelRio in 2022.

    She currently lives in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico, with her partner, who is a paralytic polio survivor and accessible travel activist, and two young daughters.

    1h 18m | Nov 20, 2023
  • This Warrior Woman is Turning her Life Lessons into Legacy. - with Desire Cruz

    Welcome Desire Cruz! I am so Grateful to have this beautiful Soul in my life!

    Imagine having your name up in lights in Times Square, NYC, not once but twice?!? Join me for this incredible interview with the inspirational author Desire Cruz. Desire shares her story of heartbreaking loss, the power of love, and how speaking your truth is the journey in healing.

    Desire is an old soul from a small town in upstate New York where she is a dedicated wife and Mother of three beautiful girls. She has a passion for women's empowerment, and loves exploring different cultures and food from around the world. Desire and her husband, Jesse founded their global business, Merge Worldwide, to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to speak on stage, heal, grow and network with some of the best in the business!

    Desire is two-time author and the inspiration behind the popular Warrior Women book anthology. She has been featured in many publications and shares her incredible wisdom on many podcast platforms. She continues to grow her network through virtual and live Women's Summits, international retreats, masterminds and healing conferences. She is passionately working with the RISEUP Trauma & Crisis Institute to help in the fight against human trafficking and is always looking for new opportunities to lift and support women for their soul's purpose.

    Thank you Desire for inviting me to be part of your Warrior Women Vol.2 you are a great inspiration. Release date for the end of November 2023!




    1h 21m | Oct 31, 2023
  • The life long Journey of being Seen, Heard, and Understood! - with Lainie Liberti

    Welcome to Season 2 and thank you for being here.

    I've been following Lainie's Journey for over 3 years. This interview was really special for me and a perfect interview to kick off Season 2!

    Laine, we are so Grateful to you for sharing your story!

    Lainie Liberti is a best-selling author, international speaker, community leader, teen mentor, and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement. Liberti has spoken about worldschooling on the TEDx Edu stage in Amsterdam, and written about learning through travel for multiple magazines, academic journals, and websites including the International Journal of Education, Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, The New York Times and The New York Post and has contributed to several books on the topic of worldschooling. Lainie co-founded Project World School with her son in 2012 as well as Project World School Family Summits, where she's produced 10 in-person international conferences for hundreds of families across Europe, Asia, and Mexico since 2016.

    You can find Lainie here:







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    +52 984 879 7719

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    What's App:

    (603) 502-0278 USA

    (506) 6444 5271 Costa Rica

    1h 20m | Aug 31, 2023
  • I Chose to go to Prison in Belize. #100DaysofService- with Tanya Hall

    Join us for this incredible Journey! Tanya Hall is from the Sunshine Coast of Canada where she owns her own business painting houses.

    I first met Tanya presenting to our Rotary Club here in Jaco, Costa Rica while on her inspirational five country journey. Tanya was literally painting her way through Mexico to Columbia for #100DaysofService. Tanya has been with the Rotary for over 20 years and truly lives by the mantra of Service above Self.

    In 2021, after a 5 year battle with cancer, Tanya's beloved partner Dave passed away. In 2022 Tanya's 16 year old daughter was on exchange in Denmark and Tanya knew it was time to heal. Realizing the opportunity to combine her expertise in painting with her dedication to service, she started to plan. Through fundraising, networking and her many connections with local + international organizations, the dream manifested and supported Tanya through her life changing experience.

    1h 18m | Apr 25, 2023
  • Holding Emotion and the Graceful Journey of Release. It's a Hole in One! -with Rebecca Hale

    Welcome! Rebecca Hale has been a physical therapist for 24 years working with clients from the age of 2 to 103 years old. She has traveled to California, New York, and Maryland to study Energy Kinesiology and received her Masters in Human Movement and Performance from Concordia University. Her specialty is working with the misunderstanding of autism, ADHD and trauma.

    Today Rebecca is here to share how a new hobby of golf connected all the dots of her own trauma healing and inspired her to create fun opportunities for women to learn the power of their nervous system.

    Join us for this informative Journey in Neuroscience and the incredible power of release!

    You can find Rebecca here:





    1h 14m | Mar 24, 2023
  • The eagle said, "Find your wings, it's time to fly!" I listened. - with Kristi Borst

    Welcome Kristi Borst! I am so Grateful for my conversation with Kristi as she shares her beautiful and inspirational Journey of remembering who she was always meant to be.

    Kristi Borst’s story is a delightful illustration of how life’s unexpected twists can lead us home. Ten years ago, at age 55, Kristi had a flashback memory which revealed her innate abilities as an integrative healer and spiritual intuitive.

    Kristi’s Perspective Reboot energy healing and behavioral re-patterning processes have helped others release self-limiting beLIEfs, karmic/ancestral burdens, chakra blocks and childhood traumas at the root of pain, illness, and feeling stuck.

    Kristi lives in Southern Maine, serving couples and individuals of all ages. She shares, “It’s never too late to find yourself, especially if you look with love in long-forgotten childhood hiding places! Guiding others there and helping them claim their greatest version of SELF is my passion!”

    Show Notes:

    3:23 I started having a sensation of angst. 

    6:42 Excuse me, I have no idea what a chakra is.

    13:06 In that environment of acceptance I really started to thrive!

    30:09 My husband was very sick.

    56:12 Love that parent unconditionally.

    59:53 You are an actor in that story.

    1:01:02 I’m going to rise above the pain and start to make new choices.

    1:06:11 Just be open to the road signs that are calling you to more and better.

    You can find Krisi here:





    You can find Cathy here:





    1h 14m | Feb 22, 2023
  • From Invisible Target to a Big, Brave Breath. How speaking my Truth finally healed me. – with Andrea Vaughan

    Andrea Vaughan earned her master’s degree in clinical social work from Boston University. She has been educating the public about the prevention of child sexual abuse for fifteen years. Andrea is the author of the award-winning books, Invisible Target: Breaking the Cycle of Educator Sexual Abuse and Victoria and the Big, Brave Breath. She also hosts the podcast, Andrea Speaks Out, which shines a light on healing from and prevention of sexual abuse. Her hope is that with education and prevention, every child will live in a world safe from abuse.

    Andrea wanted to create a resource that families could utilize to help little ones cope with their worries. Her background in social work and sound healing joined forces to create the book Victoria and the Big, Brave Breath. Her dream is for children everywhere to have calmer, more peaceful childhoods.

    Andrea Vaughan is a certified sound healing practitioner. For the past five years, she has provided group sound healing sessions for yoga studios, corporate wellness trainings, classrooms, girlfriend mimosa parties and more.

    She is also an author, an activist and a budding voice-over actor. She calls it vocational ADD, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Andrea hopes to bring peace and joy to the world in all she does.

    Show Notes:

    12:54 It’s like a bad after school special.

    13:50 By the end I thought he was going to kill me.

    14:30 What it took for me to leave him was telling the truth.

    20:51 Kids loved him, parents trusted him and the school awarded him.

    37:42 I really need to reach more people…

    47:31 How can I get more Joyful?

    58:46 I love who I’m growing into!

    1:01:38 I need to do things that scare me a bit.

    1:09:50 It teaches kids mindful breathing to help with their words.

    You can find Andrea Vaughan here:






    You can find Cathy here:





    1h 18m | Jan 31, 2023
  • United States Secret Service to Soul Communicator. My personal Journey back to Self. - with Emma Jensen

    We are so grateful to have Emma Jensen share her incredible story! Emma is the Founder of Connected Consciousness and lives in Bend, Oregon, USA.

    Emma Jensen grew up in the corporate and government worlds. Never knowing what she wanted to do she followed in her Dad’s footsteps and went into law enforcement. After a short stint she went into the corporate world and eventually transitioned into working for herself, pivoting completely. She has worked for big companies: United States Secret Service, Nike and Apple, but always felt like her impact was meant to be more meaningful and bigger than what she was doing. It was through her personal development journey that she found her way to her current calling, Animal Communication and Healing and Human Design.

    Now she lives within her Human Design and creates the impact that she has been longing for all those years. She supports humans and animals through her offerings of Human Design and Animal Communication. She gives a voice to the voiceless. She helps animals and their guardians create a deeper, more rooted understanding in their relationship while providing supportive healing to the animal as well. 

    Show Notes:

    3:47 So many of us grew up with conditioning.

    6:35 I was working a lot with Embassies and foreign diplomats…

    13:56 I couldn’t see straight.

    15:57 I didn’t even know personal development was a thing!

    24:23 Who I’ve been and how I’ve shown up wasn’t me.

    34:21 Wait, What? I don't know if I can do this full time!

    38:27 Animals are here to teach us.

    59:54 Who are they meant to be? Who am I meant to be?

    1:01:14 Two of my horses are formally wild mustangs.

    1:11:21 It’s really okay to sit in your emotions…

    You can find Emma here:




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    1h 14m | Jan 11, 2023
  • I realized my ‘dream’ body was actually a fitness nightmare - with Kelly Taphouse

    This week we welcome Kelly Taphouse! Kelly is the Founder of MOVE Fitness located in Toronto Canada, Playa Coco, and Playa Jaco Costa Rica. 

    Kelly is a certified trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. After trying to achieve unsustainable levels of fitness as a competitive fitness model, Kelly became discouraged with an industry that is so often focused on outward appearances.

    Kelly is a vocal advocate for body autonomy and committed to the way women experience fitness in their bodies. 

    Kelly and family live in Jaco Costa Rica and her community and message continues to grow! Congratulations to MOVE Toronto who just celebrated SIX amazing years and to MOVE Playa Jaco who just turned ONE!

    Show Notes:

    3:07 We are so much more than our bodies.

    8:29 You’d do really great in a fitness competition…

    16:00 I was calling myself a fitness professional.

    22:25 For the first time I felt strong.

    28:25 I had fallen back in love with fitness!

    42:38 Something magical just happened that night.

    57:46 I love training men, it’s just different.

    59:43 My dream was to wake up with an ocean view!

    You can find Kelly and MOVE at:








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    1h 7m | Nov 22, 2022
  • ...And Then What Happened? Podcast Trailer

    Life is a Journey filled with unexpected detours, and most of us have experienced at least one life altering pitfall. How we choose to react and grow from heartbreaks, roadblocks, stumbles and struggles … well, that's where the magic is created.

    Tune in twice a month when Cathy Tallone asks, “And then what happened?” as she interviews incredible guests who share their amazing stories of surviving and thriving when faced with life's challenges.

    Don’t miss an episode as we go on a fascinating Journey with new and old friends sharing their ups and downs on their unique path to personal freedom.

    1m | Nov 4, 2022
...And then what happened?