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I am Sebastian North. The whole point of this show is to create a venue where all varieties of football/soccer dialogue take place. Campfires are nice for that. Why talk so much about a game? Well, for 1, we love it. But it also reflects parts of our society and culture. Check in for a wide variety of topics and nuanced conversation spanning the world of football.


Episode 113 - 7 Questions for the 22-23 Premier League Season
Show Details48min 14s
Episode 112 - Barlow Part 2
Show Details30min 50s
Episode 111 - A Chat with America Quintana
Show Details36min 45s
Episode 110 - Deena Rahman, Football Pioneer
Show Details38min 4s
Episode 109 - Preview to Euro 2022
Show Details27min 47s
Episode 108 - Lukaku and Chelsea, Never Meant To Be
Show Details18min 48s
Episode 107 - Arsene Wenger Tinkers With Football
Show Details24min 28s
Episode 106 - The End of the Roman Abramovich Era
Show Details32min 22s
Episode 105 - John Nellis and the Rise of Sorare
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 104 - It's World Cup Year with The Footy Misfits
Show Details31min 59s
Episode 103 - Ida Sports Part 2 feat. Laura Youngson and Ben Sandhu
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 102 - Kickoff Coffee Co.
Show Details55min 16s
Episode 101 - TCS Training Academy
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 100! - The KEPAbao Cup Final
Show Details18min 47s
Episode 99 - Mark Dillon of The TalentProjekt, Part 2.
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 98 - The Abolition of the Away Goals Rule
Show Details26min 23s
Episode 97 - AFCON 1/4 Finals and Its Minnows
Show Details23min 23s
Episode 96 - A Chat with Coach Christian from Soccer Subs
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 95 - AFCON and it's Minnow, The Comoros Islands
Show Details19min 50s
Episode 94 - Brian Barlow, Referee Hero - Part 1
Show Details24min 17s
Episode 93 - Boxing Day Review on the 1st Birthday of Campfire Football
Show Details25min 4s
Episode 92 - MLS Cup Review with NYCFC fan Ronny from Soccer Subs
Show Details44min 35s
Episode 91 - What is UEFA's Europa Conference League?
Show Details17min 55s
Episode 90 - Featuring the Footy Misfits
Show Details1hr 33min
Episode 89 - Jason Keever - Coach of the Year
Show Details2hr 23min
Episode 88 - Sam Chappell - Founder of Denver Soccer Society
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 87 - The Clasico Weekend Concludes
Show Details30min 18s
Episode 86 - Sunday Fun Day, Clasico Weekend
Show Details18min 38s
Episode 85 - FC Sheriff and the Footballers Who Dare to Dream
Show Details25min 30s
Episode 84 - A Brief Report on Concussions in Football
Show Details29min 22s
Episode 83 - I ❤️ Champions League
Show Details26min 38s
Episode 82 - It Just Had To Be
Show Details20min 35s
Episode 81 - World Cup Qualifiya Drama
Show Details25min 14s
Episode 80 - Beach Soccer WC and Teams Take Shape
Show Details27min 24s
Episode 79 - Football Is Back! It actually never left...
Show Details27min 24s
Episode 78 - IDA Sports interview featuring Ben Sandhu
Show Details50min 20s
Episode 77 - A Big Night for US Soccer
Show Details31min 18s
Episode 76 - The Gold Cup and The Olympics Part 2
Show Details24min 21s
Episode 75 - La Copa de Oro and the Olympics
Show Details34min 45s
Episode 74 - The End of the Euros
Show Details24min 33s
Episode 73 - France Elimination Post Mortem with Soccer Subs Podcast
Show Details55min 46s
Episode 72 - Round of 16, Surprise Surprise
Show Details31min 32s
Episode 71 - Bangers and Knockouts
Show Details29min 2s
Episode 70 - Nonsense Narratives
Show Details38min 13s
Episode 69 - Round of the Flops
Show Details26min 6s
Episode 68 - Group F(inally)
Show Details15min 36s
Episode 67 - DO YOU WANT MORE?!?!!
Show Details15min 56s
Episode 66 - The Goals Start Flowing
Show Details19min 56s
Episode 65 - Day 2, Say Phew!
Show Details23min 36s
Episode 64 - The EUROS Have Arrived
Show Details25min 33s
Episode 63 - Summer's First 2 Cups
Show Details19min 22s
Episode 62 - UEL and UCL Finals Recap with Claire Oye-Ntow from EPL Wrecked
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 61 - Crescendo
Show Details22min 38s
Episode 60 - For All the Marbles
Show Details19min 40s
Episode 59 - Mark Dillon of the TalentProjekt
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 58 - Squeaky Bum Time
Show Details16min 24s
Episode 57 - It's Finals Month, It's Title Time
Show Details14min 35s
Episode 56 - 5 Days in Football is an Eternity
Show Details23min 3s
Episode 55 - Races For Places
Show Details20min 17s
Episode 54 - The Fans Always Save Football
Show Details23min 32s
Episode 53 - Florentino Perez - The Man in the High Chair
Show Details20min 56s
Episode 52 - Fight the Power Football Fans! featuring Jesse Suarez Castro
Show Details54min 7s
Episode 51 - Semis Set
Show Details22min 32s
Episode 50 - Weekend Wecap
Show Details15min 20s
Episode 49 - The Final Push
Show Details22min 29s
Episode 48 - International Football & WTFUSSFU23USMNT
Show Details22min 59s
Episode 47 - The Women's Football Tidal Wave
Show Details26min 18s
Episode 46 - What the Buck Happened? The Football Index Story
Show Details23min 13s
Episode 45 - Brendan Griffiths, Host of In The Eleven Podcast
Show Details48min 21s
Episode 44 - Round of 16 Madness
Show Details26min 14s
Episode 43 - Big Players Step Up
Show Details19min 52s
Episode 42 - KneeJerk Reactions
Show Details29min 58s
Episode 41 - #HarethKale #SadioSalah #LetsTalkAbout6
Show Details24min 49s
Episode 40 - The Goalkeeper Episode feat. Ben Sipkoff and Jesse Suarez Castro
Show Details1hr 39min
Episode 39 - The Fall of Football Dynasties
Show Details23min 45s
Episode 38 - Europa League Round of 16 Predictions
Show Details15min 8s
Episode 37 - Mediocre Games with Magnificent Goals
Show Details21min 5s
Episode 36 - The Trials and Tribulations of Darren Drysdale
Show Details17min 38s
Episode 35 - Champions League is Back Recap
Show Details12min 57s
Episode 34 - Champions League Predictions
Show Details11min 37s
Episode 33 - Games, Snow, and Great Goals
Show Details18min 58s
Episode 32 - Everton vs Spurs - FA Cup Circus Football
Show Details24min 33s
Episode 31 - Soucek Sees Red Thanks to VAR = Very Annoying Ref
Show Details21min 48s
Episode 30 - The Chelsea Circus Continues as Frank Gets Sacked
Show Details24min 33s
Episode 29 - Relight The Fire!!
Show Details19min 21s
Episode 28 - Conti Cup Classic, Chelsea Chaos, Utd Comeback, City Controversy
Show Details19min
Episode 27 - 2 Games but Only 1 Contest
Show Details15min 14s
Episode 26 - The Celebration Ban is Bullshit
Show Details12min 28s
Episode 25 - Duds and Dimes
Show Details15min 44s
Episode 24 - Typical January Football
Show Details16min 9s
Episode 23 - USC Convention Series #5 - Return From Covid
Show Details14min 31s
Episode 22 - USC Convention Series #4 - Jose Day
Show Details39min 45s
Episode 21 - USC Convention Series #3
Show Details10min 50s
Episode 20 - Palmeiras vs River Plate
Show Details13min 24s
Episode 19 - USC Convention Series #2
Show Details18min 18s
Episode 18 - USC Convention Series #1
Show Details11min 16s
Episode 17 - Snowy Soccer Sunday
Show Details11min 7s
Episode 16 - Snowy Soccer Saturday
Show Details11min 4s
Episode 15 - The Great Jonas Hoffmann Dismantles Bayern Munchen
Show Details12min 53s
Episode 14 - The Edinson Cavani Ban
Show Details15min 57s
Episode 13 - When Football Feels Small
Show Details14min 19s
Episode 12 - Wild Cards
Show Details16min 19s
Episode 11 - Deena Rahman Saves the World
Show Details10min 15s
Episode 10 - Who Walks the Plank Now?
Show Details12min 17s
Episode 9 - The Kieran Trippier Betting Saga
Show Details13min
Episode 8 - Rangers Are Back!
Show Details7min 45s
Episode 7 - 2020 Awards and 2021 Hopes
Show Details19min 59s
Episode 6 - Ben Sipkoff - Loyalty
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 5 -Leeds, Karen Carney, Bielsa, Media
Show Details10min 17s
Episode 4 - Basics of Defending, What West Brom Didn't Do
Show Details13min 21s
Episode 3 - Two 1-1 Draws, 1 Postponement, Everybody's Memory
Show Details12min 56s
Episode 2 - Second Batch of Boxing Day Matches
Show Details15min 27s
Boxing Day Reaction
Show Details11min 55s
Welcome - Introductions
Show Details1min 8s