Abundant Couples

What’s the secret to a thriving relationship? Well, there’s more to it than just one secret. That’s why Relationship & Growth Coaches Cassidy Logsdon & Matt Andrews show up every week to unpack what it takes to have a love that lasts. Cass & Matt have been together for over 11 years, built a successful business together, lived nomadically around the world, and shared their personal growth journey along the way. In this show they draw from their own research and experiences, and interview other experts for fresh perspectives. If you want to turn your relationship into your superpower and create an abundant life, then come along for the adventure!


#4 - Are you speaking your partner's Love Language?
Show Details21min 34s
#3 - Let's Talk About Sex
Show Details35min 52s
#2 - How to Live your Dream Life, Together
Show Details39min 53s
#1 - The MOST Important Thing
Show Details31min 20s