The Wondering Wanderer

People are often too curious of what is really happening in their lives and what will happen in the future. The Wondering Wanderer podcast is a place where we venture together to fill our thirst for knowledge and continuously nurture ourselves for the better. 

Join host, Kean Licardo, along with special guests in some episodes, as they ponder about anything under the sun. “The Wondering Wanderer” is a podcast that tackles and explores a myriad of topics that people are at the edge of their seats for, ranging from mysterious to horrifying stories; from mental health to love and relationships, and providing not only casual and funny discussions but also controversial debatable issues the world is facing today. The goal of this podcast is to share insights and opinions with everybody, as well as provide entertainment and excitement that will add spice to everybody’s lives. All views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the speakers and the host. It is recommended that you perform independent research and seek professional advice if needed.

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Episode 12 | Focus on What You Can Control
Show Details7min 41s
Episode 11 | Slow Progress Towards Your Goals Is Never a Reason to Give Up
Show Details8min 19s
Episode 10 | The Gentle Art of Saying No
Show Details10min 59s
Episode 9 | Letting Go of Other People's Opinions
Show Details17min 17s
Episode 8 | Why Is It Easier to Confide in Strangers?
Show Details16min 7s
Episode 7 | Imposter Syndrome: Am I a Fraud?
Show Details9min 58s
Episode 6 | Why Your New Year's Resolutions Shouldn't Begin in January
Show Details12min 5s
Episode 5 | Guess What? You're Not Supposed to Have Your Life All Figured Out by Now!
Show Details12min 46s
Episode 4 | Mid-Life Crisis: Why Do I Feel Old Yet So Unaccomplished?
Show Details27min 59s
Episode 3 | Gaslighting: The Hushed Enemy
Show Details15min 43s
Episode 2 | Approval Addiction
Show Details14min 50s
Episode 1 | Self-Forgiveness: Why Is It Hard and How To Deal With It
Show Details20min 17s
Episode 0 | The Introduction You Don't Need to Hear
Show Details8min 3s