Lifestyle Habits as The Key To Health & Healing with Dr. Ram Tamang

1h 4m | Mar 17, 2023

Dr. Ram Tamang had a unique childhood where he grew up in a small village in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. He learned about health and healing from his grandmother and the elders in the village. The hospital was a far distance away, so they had to depend on natural remedies. Through an amazing series of events, he somehow ended up in Orange County, CA and is an Ayurvedic Doctor with a brick-and-mortar clinic, as well as works online. Come hear the story of how he found his dharma and how changing your lifestyle habits can shift your life in a new direction.

·        Listen to the magic of Dr. Ram as he explains how his attitude and mindset have been so essential to his life.

·        See how he works with clients on helping them to make many small changes over time.

·        Listen to the importance of relationship and how he builds rapport.

·        Learn about how to track and then create lifestyle changes for a new trajectory.

·        Believe in the magic of the Universe as you listen to his enchanting stories.

·        Leave feeling lighter and happier because of being in his presence.

·        Notice what this conversation brings up inside of your mind and heart.

·        Do you believe that the Universe is benevolent and capable of magic? I do after listening talking to Dr. Ram. I hope you do too!

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