Wonders & Learnings

A podcast seeking to explore the wonders and share the learnings of grade 8 students in the Land-Based Cultural Leadership class at Bishop Lloyd Middle School.


What's it like to be in the military?
Show Details10min 32s
How has the world changed in the last 80 years?
Show Details12min 12s
What's it like to be a professional actor? Part One
Show Details20min 54s
What is it like training for MMA?
Show Details17min 43s
What's it like to be an entrepreneur?
Show Details10min 50s
How has Covid affected the Eco9 Outdoor Ed Program?
Show Details11min 58s
How accurate are medical shows to real life?
Show Details11min 48s
How do you fix old cars?
Show Details7min 56s
What's it like to teach with Covid?
Show Details10min 46s
What is it like to be a garbage man?
Show Details12min 13s
What is it like to own a business?
Show Details9min 28s
How Do We Take Care of Animals?
Show Details19min 39s
What Would the World Be Like Without Humans?
Show Details16min 20s