• A4U and AAC Recap
    What happened in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam. The Webmasters do a quick recap of A4U and AAC, and talk about Blackjack, Hookers and a golden bullet.
    1h 2m - May 6, 2019
  • Webmasters on the Roof All-Star Panel from SMX Munich 2013
    Webmasters on the Roof All-Star Panel from SMX Munich 2013 as Marcus Tandler the Mediadonis welcomes Wil Reynolds(SEO Consultant, SEER Interactive), Richard Baxter (Founder and Director, SEOgadget), Fili Wiese (Head of SEO and Development, Netlead GmbH and Co. KG), Martin MacDonald (Director of Inbound Marketing, Expedia EAN) and Danny Sullivan (Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land and Conference Chair, Search Marketing Expo).
    1h 53m - Apr 10, 2013
  • Searchphere on the Roof
    Lots of news on the roof – whats the impact of Google Suggest, how to effectively use Twitter, and Webnews pisses off SEOs by making all links nofollow. Tune in, and find out what´s new in the searchsphere.
    40m - May 12, 2012
  • Webmasters on the Roof AllStars Panel from SMX Munich
    Webmasters on the Roof from SMX Munich! on stage with Rand Fishkin, Will Critchlow, Wil Reynolds and Jens Fauldrath talking Google+ and Social Signal, Googles announcement of the Over-Optimization Penalty, the Panda and Venice update, link building and much more.
    1h 42m - Mar 28, 2012
  • SMX Munich 2011 All Star SEO Panel
    Mediadonis and Fridaynite host a special edition of the long-missed off Webmasters on the Roof…A multilingual English/German broadcast of the All Star Panel from SMX Munich 2011. Appearing on the panel: Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer , Editor, Website boosting; Rand Fishkin , CEO and Co-Founder, SEOmoz; Niels Dörje , Partner, Tandler.Doerje.Partner; Mikkel deMib Svendsen , Creative Director, deMib.com; Johannes Beus , Managing Director, SISTRIX GmbH; Bob Rains , Founder, Let’s Make It Awesome.
    2h 3m - Apr 5, 2011
  • All Star Panel from SMX Munich 2010
    The Webmasters on the Roof get on the podium with 3 experts, and to broadcast live from SMX! SEO and online marketing without the leaf in front of the mouth this is again properly speaking Tacheles! Mediadonis and Fridaynite are together for their last broadcast together with Sistrix Johannes Beus and Mikkel deMib Svendsen.
    1h 45m - Mar 23, 2010
  • Certified SEO
    Certified SEO? The Webmasters on the Roof talk to BVDWs Philip, Stefan and Alexander about the BVDWs SEO Certificate. Do we need a SEO certificate in Germany? How can you really evaluate objectively if someone´s doing a good job for his clients? Tune in and find out why this task may be one of the hardest for the german SEO scene in 2010.
    1h 0m - Mar 17, 2010
  • Countdown to WotR AllStars Panel at SMX Munich
    Theres lot of stuff to win this week on the roof! Go to SMX Munich for free, and join the webmasters on the Roof for their final show – the WotR AllStars Panel! 3 Full-Conference Passes and lots of Party tickets for the Farewell Party are up for grabs during the show! And yes, theres also some news.
    1h 0m - Mar 3, 2010
  • Online Marketing Headhunters
    The Mediadonis and the Headhunter. Online Marketing Headhunter Legend Dwight Cribb is on the roof, and talks about recruiting in the german online marketing branch. What does it take to become a Head of SEO at a respected company? What are headhunters looking for in SEOs? Tune in and find out!
    1h 1m - Feb 24, 2010
  • Pzyche System
    Marcus and Fridaynite hold a link clicking contest for a full confernce pass, and in the meantime they welcome Jasdon Duke, director of Strange Logic Consulting, who introduces us to the Pzyche System, and how it will increase your profitability.
    1h 3m - Feb 3, 2010
  • Google Privacy Concerns in Germany
    Germany is going wild over privacy concerns. Do you really have to remove Google Analytics from your sites? And whats next? Affiliate Marketers just love to target their audience better, and every bit of information Google can give you additionally can result in better results & ultimately more money for you. So wheres the line?
    59m - Jan 27, 2010
  • The SEO Pickup Method
    How to pick up women with SEO – you wanna know how to end you life of geekiness and find a girl. Try the Webmasters on the Roof proven tactics to pick up women in clubs using your SEO skills. Yes, there are other topics in the show as well.
    54m - Jan 13, 2010
  • Google Vince in Germany
    Update Mania goin on at Google – Vince has come to Germany and shakes up the german seo sphere. Can affiliates still be successful in times of Vince? Tune in and find out what you can do to fight for your precious positions in the serps
    58m - Jan 6, 2010
  • SES Berlin 2009 On the Roof
    Mediadonis and Fridaynite are joined on a special broadcast with the Search Cowboys, Bas van den Beld and Roy Huiskies on location from SES Berlin 2009.
    51m - Nov 25, 2009
  • How Bing Plans to Change Search
    Mediadonis and Fridaynite preview SES Berlin 2009 and they interview Stefan Weitz, a director on the Microsoft Search team about his work as a Bing evangelist, about how they plan to change the search game.
    1h 0m - Nov 18, 2009
  • Rocking the SERPs
    Beepworld is back. Ready for some oldschool spammin and jammin? Geocities might be dead, but german freehoster Beepworld is back alive and rockin the SERPs. Just like in the good old days – register your keyword today, and start ranking! The Webmasters on the Roof tell you how to rock the SERPs with some oldschool parasite hosting.
    54m - Oct 28, 2009
  • dot de Registration scandal
    The new german .de Registration scandal – what will happen in a couple of days? And what up with Pagerank? Will it ever come back? And what did the Vince Update really change?
    1h 0m - Oct 21, 2009
  • SEOCampixx Charity Auction
    SEOktoberfest is over, and the Webmasters on the Roof totally hungover, but SEOCampixx just got announced, and the Webmasters start a charity auction for the last ticket and throw in a one on one private workshop for the winning bidder.
    54m - Oct 7, 2009
  • Webmasters on the Roof 06.30.09
    Webmasters on the Roof 06.30.09
    58m - Sep 30, 2009
  • Volksphone on the Roof
    Who still remembers the first german SEO Contest. And why may these contests be dangerous to you and your site, plus how Google is handling spam reports, and how they try to solve spam problems algorithmically.
    54m - Sep 16, 2009
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