Petals & Thorns

Weekly reactions and conversations about The Bachelor franchise between a superfan and her superskeptic husband. Recaps, discussions, and expectations are all part of the conversation on reality TV's crown jewel.

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Hometowns are set and WOW. || The Bachelorette 17 Week 7 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details41min 52s
Group Dates are (mostly) pointless and dangerous. | The Bachelorette 17 Week 5 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details20min 51s
White Knighting never works. | The Bachelorette 17 Week 4 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details30min 17s
Thomas is Problematic. Here's why. | The Bachelorette 17 Week 3 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 12min
The Dates Begin! But it's the Greg Show already. -- The Bachelorette 17 Week 2 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details48min 22s
Katie's Journey Begins! | The Bachelorette S17E01
Show Details54min 44s
Taylor Nolan Yikes it up, plus The Bachelor has a NEW HOST -The Bachelor 25 Week 8 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 29min
HOMETOWN Week is SET! -- The Bachelor 25 Week 7 Part 2 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details36min 50s
The future of The Bachelor without Chris Harrison. -- The Bachelor 25 Week 7 pt 1 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 17min
Chris Harrison showed his whole A$$ defending Rachael -- The Bachelor 25 Week 6 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details59min 43s
The Queen is GONE! But We need to talk about Rachel on The Bachelor 25 Week 5 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 22min
New Women, Brunch Feminism and how Michelle Changes the Game | Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 27min
(SPOILER) is GONE, but the only Queen we Acknowledge is KATIE! The Bachelor Week 3 | Petals & Thorns
Show Details48min 24s
A Queen Plays Her Trump Card? TWO One on Ones! The Bachelor Week 2 || Petals & Thorns
Show Details1hr 11min
The Mattchelor Begins! The Bachelor Week 1 | Petals And Thorns
Show Details44min 3s