Confessions From The Closet

Have you ever felt like you are suffocating from holding onto a secret? Trapped in a closet hiding in fear of what will happen if others find out this secret. I felt this way for 12 years before coming out. Growing up Christian and gay was long hard road and I always wished I had someone to look up to to help me know it was all gonna be ok, that I wasn’t a mistake. This podcast will dive deep in to my story of coming out, getting married raising kids and my journey to finding a church home. I will not only share my story but the story of others and their “closets”. Come join us as we find our freedom and truest selves.


Coming Out Trans In A Evangelical Family // Healing From Religious Trauma & Finding Faith
Show Details56min 31s
Can I Be Gay & Catholic? One Person's Story is Not Everyones'
Show Details45min 15s
A Christian Mother’s Journey To Loving & Embracing Her Trans Kid
Show Details1hr 22min
Was The Word Homosexual Ever Really Mentioned In The Bible?? // 1946 Movie How A Mistranslation Shifted Culture
Show Details44min 53s
The Shame That Comes With Coming Out // How To Overcome // LGBTQ
Show Details50min 34s
Finding Home While Feeling Like You Don’t Fit // Growing Up Knowing You’re Different
Show Details1hr 2min
Coming Out Christian And Rediscovering Your Purpose // FCA // LGBTQ
Show Details56min 49s
Growing Up Transgender In a World of Straight // LGBTQ
Show Details1hr 4min
Church, We Must Do Better, Loving Like Jesus Did
Show Details54min 27s
Striving for Perfection And The Downfall Into Depression
Show Details41min 51s
Coming out in a Catholic Family 20 Years Later
Show Details58min 21s
Walk of Shame; The Power of Letting go of Control
Show Details52min 46s
A Christian Mother’s Journey
Show Details53min 46s
We all have a closet, what’s yours?
Show Details11min 50s