Confessions From The Closet

Have you ever felt like you are suffocating from holding onto a secret? Trapped in a closet hiding in fear of what will happen if others find out this secret. I felt this way for 12 years before coming out. Growing up Christian and gay was long hard road and I always wished I had someone to look up to to help me know it was all gonna be ok, that I wasn’t a mistake. This podcast will dive deep in to my story of coming out, getting married raising kids and my journey to finding a church home. I will not only share my story but the story of others and their “closets”. Come join us as we find our freedom and truest selves.


Grief Is a Sneaky Thing // You Are Not Alone
Show Details43min 51s
Coming Out Shouldn’t Be So Hard
Show Details47min 11s
20 Questions For Lesbians Couples Date Night
Show Details46min 11s
Coming Out in An Evangelical Family // FCA
Show Details58min 54s
Can You Pray Away The Gay?
Show Details49min 38s
Belonging vs Fitting In Which Are You?
Show Details43min 24s
How to Support Someone Going Through Depression
Show Details45min 11s
The Cross In The Closet
Show Details54min 48s
Loving Your LGBT Kids Is Not Grooming // Creating A Safe Place // Made in Gods Image
Show Details53min 32s
How Do We Handle Homophobia During Pride Month?
Show Details58min 40s
Coming Out Trans In A Evangelical Family // Healing From Religious Trauma & Finding Faith
Show Details56min 31s
Can I Be Gay & Catholic? One Person's Story is Not Everyones'
Show Details45min 15s
A Christian Mother’s Journey To Loving & Embracing Her Trans Kid
Show Details1hr 22min
Was The Word Homosexual Ever Really Mentioned In The Bible?? // 1946 Movie How A Mistranslation Shifted Culture
Show Details44min 53s
The Shame That Comes With Coming Out // How To Overcome // LGBTQ
Show Details50min 34s
Finding Home While Feeling Like You Don’t Fit // Growing Up Knowing You’re Different
Show Details1hr 2min
Coming Out Christian And Rediscovering Your Purpose // FCA // LGBTQ
Show Details56min 49s
Growing Up Transgender In a World of Straight // LGBTQ
Show Details1hr 4min
Church, We Must Do Better, Loving Like Jesus Did
Show Details54min 27s
Striving for Perfection And The Downfall Into Depression
Show Details41min 51s
Coming out in a Catholic Family 20 Years Later
Show Details58min 21s
Walk of Shame; The Power of Letting go of Control
Show Details52min 46s
A Christian Mother’s Journey
Show Details53min 46s
We all have a closet, what’s yours?
Show Details11min 50s