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Creeps In The Crypt

If you like the paranormal, the macabre, the strange and the unusual then you’ll be dying to listen to Creeps in the Crypt every week!


Episode 51 "John Wayne Gacy Part 2- Send in the Clowns”
Show Details54min 7s
Episode 50 "John Wayne Gacy" Part 1
Show Details40min 24s
Episode 49 "Villisca Axe Murders"
Show Details40min 55s
Episode 48 "Israel Keyes"
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 47 "Skull And Bones Society"
Show Details46min 59s
Episode 46 "Creeps Interview James Dermond"
Show Details33min 10s
Episode 45 "UFOs of Brazil-Operation Saucer"
Show Details51min 46s
Episode 44 "The Boggy Creek Monster"
Show Details35min 16s
Episode 43 "Curse of La Llorona"
Show Details46min 3s
Episode 42 "A Titanic Conspiracy"
Show Details52min 13s
Episode 41 "Pennhurst Asylum"
Show Details48min 6s
Episode 40 "Heavens Gate Part 2 - Space Truckin"
Show Details34min 26s
Episode 39 "Heaven's Gate Part 1 -Building a Religion"
Show Details33min 55s
Episode 38 "The Smurl Family Haunting"
Show Details38min 7s
Episode 37 "The Somerton Man"
Show Details37min 26s
Episode 36 "Ong's Hat"
Show Details39min 39s
Episode 35 "The Ax Man of New Orleans"
Show Details35min 21s
Episode 34 "The Sallie House"
Show Details42min 17s
Episode 33 "The Chupacabra"
Show Details35min 40s
Episode 32 "The Black Dahlia Murder Part 2”
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 31 "The Black Dahlia Murder Part 1”
Show Details50min 57s
Episode 30 "Exorcism of Roland Doe"
Show Details48min
Episode 29 "Ritual Games"
Show Details43min 53s
Episode 28 "Gnomes"
Show Details40min 45s
Episode 27 "Krampus"
Show Details39min 45s
Epidose 26 "Omaima Nelson"
Show Details45min 27s
Episode 25 "John List"
Show Details57min 22s
Episode 24 “Crystal Faye Todd”
Show Details43min 24s
Episode 23 "Katherine Knight”
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 22 "The Mothman"
Show Details57min 43s
Episode 21 "Flatwoods Monster"
Show Details45min 40s
Episode 20 "Maryland Goat Man"
Show Details46min 4s
Episode 19 "Jersey Devil"
Show Details47min 53s
Episode 18 "The Ozark Howler"
Show Details37min 57s
Episode 17 "The Beast Of Bray Road"
Show Details49min 29s
Episode 16 "Melon Heads"
Show Details41min 31s
Episode 15 "Charles Manson Part 3 - Helter Skelter”
Show Details56min 21s
Episode 14 "Charles Manson Part 2 - All in the Family"
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 13 "Charles Manson Part 1 - Worst Childhood Ever”
Show Details46min 50s
Episode 12 "Lake Bodom Murders”
Show Details39min 16s
Episode 11 "Rodney Alcala - The Dating Game Killer”
Show Details43min 6s
Episode 10 “Keddie Cabin Murders”
Show Details44min 31s
Episode 9 "Olympic Park Bomber"
Show Details46min 1s
Episode 8 "San Ysidro Massacre"
Show Details54min 16s
Episode 7 "Lake Shawnee Amusement Park"
Show Details39min 50s
Episode 6 "Joe Metheny"
Show Details41min 13s
Episode 5 "Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Part 2 - Chasing Ghost"
Show Details57min 31s
Episode 4 "Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Part 1 - Last Day on Earth"
Show Details39min 10s
Episode 3 "The Devil Made Me Do It"
Show Details54min 31s
Episode 2 "The Cecil Hotel Part 2 - Elisa Lam"
Show Details48min 27s
Episode 1 "The Cecil Hotel Part 1 - A History of Darkness"
Show Details40min 57s