Kinda Funny by Maria Shooketh

You see, there are podcasts and then there are podcasts that claim they are funny, but really, they aren't. I decided to start a podcast as a safe space for my listeners to share their thoughts with me. I also am starting a podcast because I feel its the best way to get thoughts and opinions shared to millions of people.

So SUBSCRIBE to "KINDA FUNNY BY MARIA SHOOKETH" for interesting and hilarious movie reviews, roasts, music, politics, drama, food, fitness and also serious stuff that is important to everyone.


the end of an era, thank you and goodbye.
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pet peeves (i.e. things I cannot fucking stand at all!!!) -Episode 13
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mental health in lockdown; also the internet has SUPER LAME lockdown activities - episode 12
Show Details1hr 12min
What it takes to study fashion design (it’s NOT easy) ft. Jasmine Yu -Episode 11
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Here's a reality check on college/university that you NEED before applying ft. Tiffany Fung -Episode 10
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My fucked-up school principal, a short summary - Episode 9
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Opening a start-up business and diversity modelling ft. Lavinia -Episode 8
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Wakanda forever, bitches! #2020vision - Episode 7
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Kanye West is running for PRESIDENT!?!? #2020vision #2020needshelp - Episode 6
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WE USED TO HATE EACH OTHER?!?! also she produces music (woah) ft. Kylie Lam - Episode 4
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Studying at a GIRLS CATHOLIC school; Blessing in disguise or curse? - Episode 2
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Let's talk race #BLM - Episode 1
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Kinda Funny by Maria Shooketh Trailer
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