Girl, Goodnight

Binaural beats and black voices combine to quiet your mind and relax you into your best night's sleep. Settle down and immerse yourself into original and classic stories with a melanated twist. In no time, you'll be "Sleeping in Melanated Peace". Girl, Goodnight!


Paper Heart- Chapter 12-14
Show Details31min 13s
Paper Heart- Chapters 10-11
Show Details30min 10s
Paper Heart- Chapters 8-9
Show Details25min 32s
Paper Heart- Chapters 6-7
Show Details36min 16s
Paper Heart- Chapter 5
Show Details21min 31s
Paper Heart- Chapters 3-4
Show Details34min 18s
Paper Heart- Chapter 2
Show Details23min 56s
Paper Heart- Chapter 1
Show Details30min 50s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 8
Show Details27min 25s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 7
Show Details30min 21s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 6
Show Details21min 21s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 5
Show Details18min 26s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 4
Show Details22min 16s
The Doom of the Mischief-Maker
Show Details26min
The Sons of William the Conqueror
Show Details10min 17s
Saved by a Dolphin
Show Details9min 52s
A Story of Old Rome
Show Details10min 55s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 3
Show Details26min 36s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 2
Show Details33min 11s
Minnie's Sacrifice- pt 1
Show Details41min 52s
An Exciting New Year's Day in Jungletown
Show Details9min 5s
Poems by James Weldon Johnson
Show Details23min 56s
Po Sandy
Show Details28min 1s
The Resurrection
Show Details23min 21s
Loving The Sun
Show Details21min 51s
Mary Elizabeth
Show Details24min 31s
Little Miss Sophie
Show Details19min 12s
Show Details34min 11s
Song of Solomon- pt 4
Show Details10min 32s
Song of Solomon- pt 3
Show Details11min 10s
Song of Solomon- pt 2
Show Details10min 41s
Song of Solomon- pt 1
Show Details10min 32s
The Vow
Show Details14min 26s
A Non-Maternal Instinct- pt 4
Show Details45min 27s
A Non-Maternal Instinct- pt 3
Show Details45min 3s
A Non-Maternal Instinct- pt 2
Show Details41min 22s
A Non-Maternal Instinct- pt 1
Show Details26min 32s
Show Details13min
One Christmas at Shiloh
Show Details19min 46s
Show Details18min 17s
The Goophered Grapevine- pt 2
Show Details17min 3s
The Goophered Grapevine- pt 1
Show Details21min
La Juanita
Show Details17min 1s
The Comet- pt 2
Show Details19min 19s
The Comet- pt 1
Show Details29min 14s
The Two Offers
Show Details35min 1s
Welcome to Girl, Goodnight
Show Details1min 28s