NBA GEEKLY with Nick, Joel, and Luke

Join host, Nick Smith, and his band of fellow NBA geeks: Joel Jimenez, Juwaan Carter, and Luke Alves as they break down the latest news, rumors, and action in and around the NBA.


NBA Geekly - Ep. 6: SI's Top 10
Show Details1hr 52min
NBA Geekly - Ep. 5: The Nets That Never Sleeps
Show Details1hr 34min
NBA Geekly - Ep. 4: They Rooked Us
Show Details2hr
NBA Geekly - Ep. 3: Boogie's Bereavement
Show Details2hr
NBA Geekly - Ep. 2: Scheduling Schematics
Show Details2hr
NBA Geekly - Ep. 1: World Cup Woes
Show Details1hr 36min
Full Court Press - Ep. 144: Draymond Gets His Green
Show Details2hr
Full Court Press - Ep. 143: Extension Season
Show Details1hr 52min
Full Court Press - Ep. 142: Summer News & Best Duos, Vol. 1
Show Details1hr 58min
Full Court Press - Ep. 141: Summer Mail Bag
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