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Welcome to the Eccles Business Buzz Podcast. My name is Leentje Klingensmith, a fellow David Eccles School of Business alum, and your host for our podcast show. We know the Eccles community is only as strong as its alumni network and as I have built relationships with alumni across the nation, I’ve learned how truly remarkable our network is. Our goal is to share alumni stories, perspectives, and voices on topics that are driving conversations around the globe and within our school today. The core values of the Eccles community will underlie everything we discuss here: Entrepreneurial Grit, Continuous Curiosity, Empathetic Global Citizenship, and Impacting Your World.


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In this pilot episode of Eccles Business Buzz, we are pleased to have our beloved Dean Taylor Randall. He has led The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business since 2009. Since then he has elevated the school’s national reputation as a place of innovation, garnering top 10 entrepreneurship rankings for both undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to numerous other accolades.

Dean Randall talks about being the most enthusiastic Utah fan, growing up and around the university as a student here before becoming a faculty member and, eventually, the dean.

He shares his experiences as Dean of the Eccles School, working within our community, navigating difficult discussions, and how the school has transformed him into a leader.

We discuss the notion of empathy, how our Eccles Alumni rise up to take the message of being an empathetic global citizen to heart, and his future hopes for the community.

Episode Quotes:

The lesson he learned from leading the Eccles school - "You learn a lot about how you have to rely on good people in your organization. You can't do it all as a leader; you have to pick where you think you can have the most impact and then find individuals that can help you manage through that. I learned to rely on others to give them the freedom they need to operate and to also create a shared vision with them."

Empathetic Global Citizenship as one of the key strategic pillars of the school - "As we reflected further on the notion of empathy, we realized that empathy was probably a key. We thought that empathy would be the key to opening up an individual's understanding of different cultures and viewpoints on the same problems. The hope was that would be an enduring quality that our students would need to have. I think that's the beauty of a characteristic or a virtue that's enduring. When a new circumstance arises, you can see how it can be applied and how those same traits can be useful to navigate difficult circumstances."

On the changes he hopes to see within the Eccles community - "We are on our rapid path of acts of increasing excellence. And as we become a better school on all metrics, I hope we continue to realize the obligation we have to serve our community and serve the businesses in our community. We want to impact our world because we see great Utahns making a big difference in what they do in their community."

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Published Feb 16, 2021 at 3:00pm
Eccles Business Buzz - Trailer
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