Agenda Over Facts

Agenda Over Facts is the fun and rarely informative podcast centred around 2 London black university Graduates in their first few years after University. The name implies the agenda that is always run in the name of fun and the off chance you might leave knowing something you didn’t before listening. No topic is off limits for Fanuel and Toye in this Hijinks filled yet satiating podcast. Come through and catch a vibe while we talk about the ongoings in our life’s while we try and navigate through the rat race of life, always with a laugh included.






S01 E26: "What do you think your gift is?"
Show Details2hr 4min
S01 E25: "I scooped it up with my hands"
Show Details2hr 23min
S01 E24:
Show Details2hr 19min
S01 E 23: "Boyfriend, Schmoyfriend!"
Show Details2hr 19min
S01 E22: "I said I'm sorry but not because I was hard!"
Show Details2hr 23min
S01 21: "Get out the F****** car!"
Show Details1hr 58min
S01 E20: "Talk to me nicely, mans an Influencer!"
Show Details2hr 38min
S01 E19: "Do you believe in Freewill?"
Show Details2hr 2min
S01 E18: "Bro, I had to forge my A-Level Results!"
Show Details2hr
S01 E17: "You're only doing this cause we're Black!"
Show Details1hr 55min
S01 E16: "If any of my past tings hear this I'm F*****"
Show Details2hr 30min
S01 E15: My wife can't earn more than me!"
Show Details2hr 23min
S01 E14: "YE! Where's my wallet?"
Show Details1hr 45min
S01 E13: "Is she not kind of feisty though?"
Show Details2hr 4min
S01 E12: "Learn to love yourself and you won't need love"
Show Details2hr 18min
S01 E11: "It's an absolute farce, women are Mad!"
Show Details2hr 24min
S01 E10: " I a simp?"
Show Details2hr 25min
S01 E09: "You're so anti-black!"
Show Details2hr 27min
S01 E08: "Lemme give you this Black c***... Pause"
Show Details2hr 19min
S01 E07: "You think you can talk to me like this?"
Show Details2hr 17min
S01 E06: "Can I die?"
Show Details2hr 8min
S01 E05: "Can I kiss you?"
Show Details1hr 47min
S01 E04: "Do you know what I call them man...Mansqueraders"
Show Details1hr 27min
S01 E03: "I'm ready... I'm ready to ascend"
Show Details1hr 22min
S01 E02: "Certain man were doing weekly shops for £0"
Show Details1hr 30min
S01 E01: “I came back to uni dropped my bags and I looked in the mirror and I was just like what am I gonna do with my life”
Show Details1hr 17min