• Optima 7 Biogas WITH H2S Measurement

    The most powerful handheld BIOGAS ANALYZER.

    Ideally suited for solid waste disposal, Digesters plus Waste to Energy Engine Tuning

    Simple operation,Compact & Rugged,Easy Data Handling,Low ownership cost.

    For solid waste disposal and anaerobic digesters, the OPTIMA 7 measures methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, plus pressure, flow and temperature. It can also be outfitted for the tuning of WTE engines, whether on biogas or natural gas to measure carbon monoxide and NOx.

    Fast and easy to use intuitive menus and function buttons

    Large, color back-lit display with ZOOM feature for viewing in any condition

    Customizable screen settings

    Durable and dirt resistant keypad

    High energy Li-Ion battery provides up to 8 hours or operation

    Large 16,000 measurements internal memory

    Integrated SD card reader for additional data storage and easy data handling

    Gas sample preparation with large condensate separator with Teflon filter

    Pressure, flow, and temperature measurements

    1m - Aug 25, 2021
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Optima 7 Biogas WITH H2S Measurement