The Spanglish Show

The Spanglish Show is hosted by Mafe Salazar, a Venezuelan that moved to Canada in 2014.

She’s telling you the stories of real people and how living their life in two or more languages can make it a lot more interesting! 


ONE of My BFFs Interviews Me
Show Details47min 2s
The Experience of Taking Transit and my thoughts on how the Restaurant Industry can affect Mental Health
Show Details15min 2s
Financial Planning | RODRIGO MENDEZ
Show Details38min 3s
Navigating life in Spanish and Dealing with Heartbreak | CESAR GUTIERREZ
Show Details38min 7s
Leaning into your Feminine Energy | BRENDA VANEGAS
Show Details31min 48s
My perspective on Latin American Beauty Standards
Show Details9min 50s
Language Barriers | Growing up in a Mixed Family | CHELSEA RIFFE
Show Details27min 6s
Passport Privilege | SARAH SZUBA from Settling Down Everywhere
Show Details26min 54s
Immigrating to Canada | VALENTINA VALOR RUIZ
Show Details21min 52s
My Story and Why The Spanglish Show
Show Details21min 48s
Welcome to The Spanglish Show!
Show Details1min 8s