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Get Feathered!

Open-minded, Raw, & Real talks about life, love, and the taboo. The Get Feathered! Podcast is for the spiritually-minded, spiritually-curious, and those that desire information about living their best life, Tarot, Spirituality, Self-empowerment, and Wellness. Join, Tina C. "Feather", the fierce and yet lovingly-straightforward Intuitive Wellness Coach & founder of in weekly discussions that are meant to empower and entertain. Join the Tribe and Get Feathered!


Episode 10: Tarot Reading: Teamwork, Closure, and Something New!
Show Details21min 3s
Episode 9: Declutter Your Life Series Part 2: Relationships
Show Details58min 18s
Episode 8: Get Out The Guilt Trap You Keep Creating
Show Details22min 44s
Episode 7: Declutter Your Life Series Part 1: Home and Mind
Show Details20min 19s
Episode 6: Happiness Can Improve Your Health
Show Details22min 24s
Episode 5: Channeled Message: Set Your Sails
Show Details16min
Episode 4: Tarot 101: Tarot Basics
Show Details24min 57s
Episode 3: Self Love Rant
Show Details15min 43s
Episode 2: What Is Intuitive Wellness Coaching
Show Details12min 14s
Episode 1: Get Feathered Podcast & Host Introduction
Show Details17min 21s