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Alli Connects is a podcast series that covers topics, such as self-improvement, self-discovery, food, music, humor and much more.

While you're on your way to the grocery store or about to hook up with your ex, tune in to this podcast and vibe!

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S1E10: Losing Friends
Show Details18min 15s
S1E9: Empathy = Vulnerability + Mindfulness
Show Details19min 2s
S1E8: Relationships During Quarantine
Show Details16min 38s
S1E7: Discussing Financials + A few frugal-friendly products
Show Details26min 43s
S1E6: Growing Up Muslim + Adapting to Western Culture - with Anonymous Guest
Show Details26min 44s
S1E5: Dynamics of Friendship - with Hilda Soares Guevara
Show Details35min 9s
S1E4: Generational traumas + family secrets
Show Details23min 50s
S1E3: Unmasking the core of our relationship - with Dimitri Halley
Show Details45min 17s
S1E2: A Few Handy-Dandy Tips to Riding the Wave of Life + Alli Eats Recipe!
Show Details16min 34s
S1E1: Introduction of me - Breaking the ice
Show Details17min 10s
Welcome to Alli Connects!
Show Details1min 26s