The Unspoken Soul

A Journey from childhood trauma to an Adulthood of Healing & Freedom!


" Why Do Bad Things Happen?"
Show Details12min 30s
Remember the important things
Show Details11min 11s
In-between stages
Show Details10min 36s
" Dark Places"
Show Details19min 23s
Dealing with Uncertainty
Show Details18min 39s
Get Back on Your Path
Show Details18min 56s
Messages to Our Children!
Show Details36min 20s
Do you know what your child is going through? Do you communicate with them meaningfully?
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Reasons I don't Love My family
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The Power of Perseverance produces strength; Keep going!
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Be Yourself!!!!!
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Are you suffering just to die or are you suffering to gain?
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At what point do we save ourselves?
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Intro to the Journey!
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