The Voyageur Way

The Voyageur Way is a podcast dedicated to sharing our passion for everything outdoors with listeners just like you. Whether it’s talking about incredible trips we’ve been on, teaching you the best way to get your own adventures started, or talking with amazing guests about the incredible things they’ve done or places they’ve been. You can find it all here!


#14: Air Force Outdoor Survival Training, Incredible Outdoor Adventures in Alaska, and Family Life w/ Guest Connor Amundson!
Show Details39min 48s
#13: Outdoor Question of the Week #2 - WORST Experiences on Outdoor Trips?!
Show Details38min 4s
#12: Climbing 14er's, Ranch Living in Montana, Downhill Skiing w/ Guest Meredith Bowen!!
Show Details36min 11s
#11: Getting into Cold Weather Camping!
Show Details36min 41s
#10: First Experience Deer and Grouse Hunting Up North!
Show Details27min 39s
#9: Outdoor Question of the Week (Pilot Episode)!
Show Details20min 38s
#8: Camping/Hiking with 4 Strangers?!
Show Details15min 23s
#7: Camping Life in the Arctic, Cross-Country Trips with Friends, and other Outdoor Adventures with Sam Medvec!
Show Details58min 56s
#6: How-To: Get Into Fishing!!
Show Details58min 8s
#5: Monster Fish in Canada, Paddle Out Bay, and Other Epic Fishing Stories with The Voyageur Way!
Show Details47min 39s
#4: White Water, Height of Land, Bears and Wolverines!
Show Details49min 9s
#3: How-To Get Into Camping!!
Show Details57min 47s
#2: The Hardest Times Create the Best Memories
Show Details56min 9s
#1: Intro, Les Voyageurs Program, Steelhead trout fishing and more!!
Show Details50min 33s