• Balancing Liberty and Love | A Discussion About 1 Corinthians | Ep 19

    In Episode 19 we discuss the crucial balance between exercising Christian liberty and maintaining unity within the body of Christ.

    Key Points:

    The importance of considering others before ourselves, drawing insights from Paul's letters.

    Personal anecdotes about how we navigate our freedoms while being mindful not to cause others to stumble.

    The difference between judgment and discipleship, and how we can lovingly support each other in our faith journeys.

    The role of community in our spiritual growth and the process of sanctification.

    Whether you're curious about how to handle gray areas in your faith or looking for practical ways to live out unity and love in your church community, this episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions and real-life applications.

    37m - May 19, 2024
  • Singleness, Marriage and Divorce | A Discussion About 1 Corinthians

    Is it better to just stay single? Join us for a candid and down-to-earth discussion about the real struggles and triumphs of relationships in today's world. In this episode, we dive deep into the messy realities of marriage, singleness, and the spaces in between. From navigating the complexities of divorce to the joys and challenges of being single, we cover it all with honesty and empathy.

    Listen in as we share personal stories, practical insights, and even a few laughs along the way. Whether you're married, single, or somewhere in between, you'll find something relatable and encouraging in this conversation. 

    40m - May 12, 2024
  • Sexual Things | A Discussion About 1 Corinthians

    Navigating Sexual Immorality and Church Unity

    In this episode, we discuss sexual immorality and church unity. We unpack the teachings of the Apostle Paul, exploring how he addressed serious issues like sexual sin, lawsuits among believers, and the proper way for Christians to handle moral failings within the church.

    We discuss the cultural challenges that can lead to sexual immorality, offering practical advice on how to "flee" from temptation and maintain a pure lifestyle. You'll hear real stories and insights from pastors, sharing their experiences with accountability, setting boundaries, and seeking redemption. Whether you're part of a church community or just interested in what the Bible says about these topics, this episode provides a candid look at the messy realities of church life and the hope we can find in Christ.

    Tune in for an honest conversation that doesn't shy away from the hard questions, but seeks to find answers rooted in faith and understanding. We hope this episode encourages you to pursue holiness and provides you with the tools to navigate the complexities of our modern world with integrity.

    39m - May 5, 2024
  • Intro To 1 Corinthians | EP 16

    The Church of Corinth was a Messy Church. We discuss the challenging issues they faced—divisions, sexual immorality, litigation, and more—and how the Apostle Paul provided guidance through the lens of the gospel. We tackle topics like pride, humility, and the importance of relying on God's wisdom over our own. Discover practical insights and relatable stories that highlight the importance of Christian community, walking in the Spirit, and boasting in Christ rather than our own accomplishments. Whether you're a church leader or a believer navigating a complex faith journey, this episode offers valuable lessons on finding grace in the midst of chaos.

    Questions From The Podcast:

    1.What sorts of things are you tempted to “boast in” other than Jesus? 

    2.How have you struggled to walk in the Spirit vs walking in your own power/wisdom? Give a specific example.

    3.How have you seen the emptiness of worldly wisdom in your life?

    4.How are you actively combating your own pride in order to humbly boast in the Lord?

    36m - Apr 28, 2024
  • Romans 16 | Ep 15

    Romans 16

    1h 3m - Nov 26, 2023
  • Romans 15 | Ep 14

    Romans 15

    59m - Nov 19, 2023
  • Romans 14 | Ep 13

    Explore the balance between Christian convictions, unity, and disputable matters in our latest podcast episode based on Romans 14. In this discussion, we tackle various topics, including alcohol and weed, to provide a comprehensive view of how believers can navigate differences in convictions.


    -Embrace unity in Christ while respecting diverse opinions.

    -Avoid becoming a stumbling block to fellow believers in matters of faith.

    -Apply love, wisdom, and consideration to divisive topics, ensuring that your actions reflect your faith.

    Join us as we dive deep into the scriptural principles behind these disputable matters and learn how to maintain unity within the church while upholding individual convictions.

    52m - Nov 12, 2023
  • Romans 13 | Ep 12

    In this After Church Podcast episode we dissect the wisdom contained in Romans 13, breaking it down into digestible discussions that provide practical insights for modern believers. The conversation delves into the idea of submission to governmental authority, Fulfilling Civic Duties, Loving Your Neighbor and Role of Government in the Christian Life. 

    If you are interested in thought-provoking discussions on the Bible, this podcast is a valuable resource for you. Join us as we dive deep into the book of Romans and explore the timeless truths it offers to help us live with purpose and make a positive impact in our world.

    1h 1m - Nov 5, 2023
  • Romans 12 | EP 11

    Romans 12

    1h 2m - Oct 29, 2023
  • Romans 9-11 | EP 10

    Romans 9-11

    1h 8m - Oct 22, 2023
  • Romans 8:28-39 | EP 9 | Confident in Him

    Romans 8:28-39

    Join Trey Bailey, Cameron Moore, and Kurt Petersheim as they discuss funny church signs, foreknowledge, predestination, and the assurance we have in Christ's love.

    They talk about Calvinism, Arminianism, a third way, and so much more.

    Scripture focus: Romans 8:28-39

    Main point: God completely saves. 

    (8:28) We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

    (8:31) If God is for us, who can be against us?

    (8:35) Who/what will separate us from the love of Christ

    (8:37) We are more than conquerors THROUGH him who loved us!

    (8:38-39) For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Questions for reflection:

    1. What does it mean that God doesn’t meet you halfway, but comes the whole way to exactly where you’re at?
    2. How should this change the way you view your Christian walk/sanctification?
    3. Have you ever let sin or troubling circumstances blind you to the truth that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus?
    4. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: “Am I going to make it? Am I actually saved? Have I come all this way just to fall (or fall again)?”
    5. Why is it important that we remember God doesn’t halfway save, but saves completely?


    1h 3m - May 7, 2023
  • Romans 8:1-27 | EP 8 | Spirit of God

    Week 8 : Apr 30 // Romans 8

    Host Trey Bailey welcomes Stephanie Akiyama, Campus Director at Eastridge South and Scott England, Associate Pastor at Eastridge East. They dig into some interesting topics including a prayer language. Listen with an open mind.

    Scripture focus: Romans 8:1-27

    Main point: The children of God are led by the Spirit of God.

    The Holy Spirit lives in you.

    No condemnation.

    Children of God

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Why does it really matter that we know whether or not we are children of God? (8:14-17)
    2. How does knowing that you are a child of God change your attitude and the way that you live? (8:14-17)
    3. How have you been empowered and equipped to “put to death” the sin in your life, by the Holy Spirit? How have you struggled with that? (8:12-13)
    4. Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit’s help in your prayer life? If so, describe what that was like. (8:26-27)


    59m - Apr 30, 2023
  • Romans 7:1-25 | EP 7 | The Conflict Within

    Romans 7:1-25 // The Conflict Within

    Host Trey Bailey is joined by Eastridge East Pastor, Kurt Petersheim and Eastridge South Associate Pastor, Cameron Moore, and they discuss the most "human" and "relatable" passage of Scripture. Paul's struggle with sin is apparent and the guys dig into their own struggles as well.

    Disclaimer: if you can't handle pastors being real and admitting their struggles, then you might not want to watch this one.

    Scripture focus: Romans 7

    Romans 7:24-25 “Wretched man that I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

    Main point: The struggle within.

    But we are not meant to live our lives defeated by sin.

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Does God view intentional versus unintentional sin differently?
    2. Do you ever struggle doing the right thing or the Biblical thing? What does that struggle mean?
    3. Knowing that Christ has died for our sins and will forgive us, isn’t it easier to just sin now and ask for forgiveness later?
    4. How can I escape the temptation of sin?


    1h 4m - Apr 23, 2023
  • Romans 6:1-23 | EP 6 | Dead to Sin - Alive to God

    Romans 6:1-23 // Dead to Sin - Alive to God

    Host Trey Bailey is joined by Eastridge East Pastor, Kurt Petersheim to discuss Romans 6. The topic of baptism comes up and turns out to be revealing. What happens in that water?

    And we talk about killing sin or it be killing you! (John Owen)

    Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace? Romans 6:1

    Scripture focus: Romans 6:1-23

    Romans 6:3-4 // …when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death? For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.

    Romans 6:11 // So you also should consider yourselves to be dead to the power of sin and alive to God through Christ Jesus.

    Romans 6:12 // Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to sinful desires.

    Romans 6:19b // …you must give yourselves to be slaves of righteous living SO THAT you will become holy.

    Romans 6:23 // For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Main point: Dead to sin – Alive to God

    Why shouldn’t we keep on sinning?

    How does baptism help give us a real example?

    What happens in baptism? (and maybe, WHO does any work?)

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Why can't we keep sinning so that God can give us more grace
    2. How does it make you feel knowing that God has credited you as being right in His sight?
    3. What does it mean to you to be dead to sin and made alive to God?
    4. How do you live a surrendered life to God?


    40m - Apr 16, 2023
  • Romans 4:25-5:21 | EP 5 | Easter: Raised to New Life

    Romans 4:25-5:21 | Ep 5 | Easter: Raised to New Life

    Host Trey Bailey engages with Gary Thompson (Eastridge South Pastor) and Kurt Petersheim (Eastridge East Pastor) about what the resurrection means for us today. We look a little deeper into Romans 4:25-5:11and answer some honest reflection questions.

    EASTER – He is risen! He is risen indeed!

    Before we get to today’s Scripture focus, let’s do a quick recap of Rom 1-4

    • Romans is a letter. To real people in a real time dealing with a real situation of disunity about who is living with the righteousness of God. So, Paul gives a clear presentation of the Gospel (the good news) that we can all agree and believe.
    • Romans 1:16-17 // Not ashamed of the Gospel. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes, by faith.
    • Romans 1:18-4:25 // Heart of the Gospel = Justification (by Faith)
    • Everyone is affected by sin through Adam.
    • We are all accountable to God for that sin.
    • The problem: we are all sinners who deserve death / wrath
    • The solution: (3:21-26) “But God has shown us a way to be made right with him…by placing our faith in Christ…”
    • Romans 4 // Faith Alone // A free gift of God

    Scripture focus: Romans 4:25-5:11

    Romans 4:25 // “He was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised to life to make us right with God.” NLT

    “He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.” NIV

    – EASTER – Resurrection Sunday

    Main point: We rejoice because of Christ’s resurrection.

    If we are made right with God (justified) then we have peace (5:1) and hope (5:4-5). Peace and hope give us great JOY (5:11).

    Romans 5:1 // “Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.”

    Romans 5:3-5 // “We can rejoice too in suffering…endurance, character, hope…hope does not disappoint.”

    Romans 5:11 // “So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.”

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Why does Paul say that we “rejoice” because we’ve received reconciliation through Jesus? How does reconciliation with someone bring joy? (Think of an example from an earthly relationship.)
    2. Can you think of a time when you went through a trial of some kind, which resulted in you having a stronger Christian character and greater hope in Christ?
    3. Why is the resurrection so important for us in our faith?


    37m - Apr 9, 2023
  • Romans 3:21-4:25 | EP 4 | Justified

    In episode 4 of the After Church Podcast, host Trey Bailey chats with Kurt Petersheim and Gary Thompson about Romans 3:21-4:25 and the GOOD NEWS, the Gospel of Christ. We all need to be reminded of God's goodness to us in Christ.

    • Has anyone ever vouched for you?
    • Or have you ever vouched for anyone?
    • Have you ever paid someone’s bill/debt?

    Key idea:

    Justification by faith (“to declare righteous”):

    • New status - right with God and forgiven
    • New family - included in God’s people
    • New future - transformed life IN CHRIST

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Share a gift that you received that you felt like was “too much”- more than should have been spent on you, more than you deserved? How did it make you feel in receiving such a gift?
    2. Why do we, instead of receiving God’s gift of Jesus to save us, try to earn God’s salvation(or even God’s love and approval)?
    3. In what ways are you still trying to earn God’s salvation and love?
    4. How can we help each other to remember that faith in Jesus makes us righteous and right with God?
    45m - Feb 26, 2023
  • Romans 1:18-3:20 | EP 3 | Sin and Wrath

    Sin and Wrath / Romans 1:18-3:20

    In episode 3 of the After Church Podcast, host Trey Bailey (Eastridge XP) chats with Cameron Moore (South Associate Pastor) and Kurt Petersheim (East Campus Pastor) about Romans 1:18-3:20, a very difficult passage describing our sin and God's wrath. We discuss the ways in which we exchange the truth of God for a lie, and other.

    Have you ever traded/exchanged/bought something and felt like you got ripped off?

    In Romans 1:18-3:20 there are a series of exchanges we make, to our detriment. Things we think are better than what God is (or what God has) for us. 

    So, the main point we’ll get to is that NO ONE is righteous before God on our OWN merit. Rather, we are all sinful and deserving of God’s just judgment and wrath.

    Questions for reflection:

    1. What does it mean to be sinful; what is the nature of sin?
    2. What is judgment; what is wrath?
    48m - Feb 19, 2023
  • Romans 1:16-17 | EP 2 | Not Ashamed

    Part 1 / Episode 2 of the After Church Podcast, host Trey Bailey (Eastridge XP) chats with Stephanie Akiyama (South Campus Director) and Kurt Petersheim (East Campus Pastor) to discuss Romans 1:16-17 and Paul's declaration of his unashamedness of the Gospel.

    Romans 1:16-17 - 16For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. 17For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” 

    Paul is “not ashamed of the gospel.” 

    Questions for Reflection:

    1. How is the Gospel the “power of God for salvation”? How have you seen this reality in your own life/faith?
    2. How might your life look differently, today, if you truly lived like Paul, “unashamed of the Gospel”? Would anything change?

    For all the resources in this series check out Eastridge.Church/Romans

    51m - Feb 12, 2023
  • Romans | Part 1 | EP 1 | Introduction

    Romans, It's A Letter

    Part 1/Episode 1 of the Romans After Church Podcast has host Trey Bailey, Executive Pastor of Eastridge Church, chatting with Stephanie Akiyama, South Campus Director, and Kurt Petersheim, East Campus Pastor, about the context and culture surrounding Paul's letter to the Romans.

    General intro to the letter to the Romans.

    Scripture focus: Romans 1:1-7

    Who wrote Romans? 

    • Who’s thoughts?
    • Who actually penned words to paper?
    • Who read/performed the letter?

    Who is the letter addressed to?

    When was it written?

    WHY did Paul write the letter? 

    What’s the context for the letter…what’s going on in Rome?

    Why is it important to read Romans today?

    What excites YOU about studying this letter together?

    What’s your favorite verse/section of Romans?

    Look briefly at Romans 1:1-7 (see sermon notes for bullet points and items to discuss)

    • Servant, messenger, set apart
    • Good News/Gospel is that God has made a way for us to be reconciled to God through Jesus
    • Son of God/Christ our King
    • “Obedience of faith”

    Questions for reflection:

    1. Paul, who calls himself a slave/servant of Christ Jesus, has been called (set apart) to tell the Gentiles about the good news of Jesus. What is your “calling” (vocation)? How can you display your servanthood to Jesus?
    2. One of the reasons Paul writes to the church in Rome is to help them become unified. Two groups of differing opinions were not in unity. Paul points to the Gospel as the only means by which we come together. What is one way you can promote peace in your church congregation, small group, or family?

    Find all the resources at Eastridge.Church/Romans

    51m - Feb 5, 2023
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