A. B. P TV is about the life of P-Fierce living in Philadelphia were anything and everything is talk about no secrets no mercy the truth will set you free and will be heard

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Facebook & Cash App Scams (Beware) Ep.19
Show Details8min 2s
If you pay child support you get automatically right to claim the kids Ep.18
Show Details6min 38s
Basketball players are more skillful then Football players Ep.17
Show Details8min 40s
Insights On Modern Day Relationships Ep..16
Show Details21min 13s
Me Too movement Part 2 Ep.15
Show Details17min 59s
Don't lecture me on the coronavirus if you're Chinese or Asian Ep.14
Show Details5min 7s
Me Too Movement Part 1 Ep.13
Show Details17min 14s
Facebook Tried To Ban Me For Hate Speech Ep.12
Show Details8min 26s
Everybody Hates Angel (Message To) Ep.11
Show Details10min 55s
What inspired me to write music? Ep.10
Show Details6min 31s
Men Don't Owe Women Anything Ep.9
Show Details8min 28s
There's Is No Such Thing As A Sex Change Don't Let The Media Tell You Otherwise Ep.8
Show Details8min 28s
Im Not A Angry Person Im Just Real Ep.7
Show Details6min 23s
Why Hardcore Christians Irk Me Ep.6
Show Details12min 53s
High Standards Vs Low Standards Relationships Ep.5
Show Details14min 25s
What A Thot Is? Ep.4
Show Details8min 40s
Protection Against Falsely Accused Of Rape And Blackmail Ep.3
Show Details6min 28s
Underage Girls Should Be Locked Up For Having Sex With Older Man Ep.2
Show Details10min 41s
The Truth About Religion And The Bible Ep.1
Show Details8min 48s