Tales of Two Bros

Two brothers strengthen their bond by giving honest reviews on all things geekdom. Ranging from cosplay to action films to anime, sci-fi and video games of the past to the present.



Action Review Ep 4 - The Matrix Resurrections
Show Details29min 21s
Action Review Ep 3 - The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions
Show Details49min 20s
Action Review Ep 2 - The Matrix
Show Details30min 56s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 8 - Spider-Man: No Way Home
Show Details43min 11s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 7 - Spider-Man: Far From Home
Show Details30min 51s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 6 - Spider-man: Homecoming
Show Details29min 44s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 5 - Eternals
Show Details58min 58s
DC-Ness Review Ep 2 - DC Fandome 2021
Show Details38min 39s
Sith-sational Review Ep 1 - Star Wars: Visions
Show Details36min 3s
Ep. 0 The Intro of Tales of Two Bros
Show Details7min 25s
Movie Review Ep 1 - Army of the Dead
Show Details37min 44s
Movie Review Ep 2 - Mortal Kombat (2021)
Show Details36min 36s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 4 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Show Details28min 3s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 3 - Shang Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings
Show Details53min 44s
Throwback Review Ep 1 - I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Show Details24min 53s
DC-ness Review Ep 1 - The Suicide Squad
Show Details19min 17s
Series Review Ep 2 - Netflix's Master of the Universe: Revelation
Show Details26min 38s
On Second Thought Ep 1 - Black Widow
Show Details40min 3s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 2 - Loki
Show Details38min 3s
Marvel-ous Review Ep 1 - Black Widow
Show Details48min 23s
Action Review Ep 1 - Raya and The Last Dragon
Show Details22min 9s
Series Review Ep 1 - Amazon Prime's Jean-Claude Van Johnson
Show Details29min 3s