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NFL Insider John McMullen is one of the absolute best in the business covering the Eagles and the NFL. John joins various shows throughout the week, including The Fix w/ Ryan Rothstein, Jody Mac on 94.1 WIP, and plenty others. Catch all his interviews right here!


What Went Wrong? | John McMullen Eagles POSTGAME Edition | NFL Week 12
Show Details17min 6s
Eagles vs. Seahawks IN-GAME Thoughts | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details21min 10s
John McMullen Previews Eagles vs. Seahawks on The Middle
Show Details14min 13s
Eagles O-Line Problems Continue | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details30min 26s
Washington Football Team A Concern For Eagles? | John McMullen on The Fix | Thanksgiving Edition
Show Details31min 50s
DO NOT BENCH CARSON WENTZ! | John McMullen with Rich Q | NFL News
Show Details17min 26s
The Eagles Foundational PROBLEM | John McMullen & Jody Mac | NFL News
Show Details21min 39s
How To Cure Carson Wentz? | John McMullen on The Middle | NFL News
Show Details13min 35s
Mid-Week Philadelphia Eagles Updates With John McMullen
Show Details30min 54s
Eagles; Carson Wentz & Jalen Reagor Are Avoiding Social Media | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details34min 9s
Analyzing The Eagles Defense | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details26min 38s
Philadelphia Eagles Updates From The Inside | John McMullen joins Jody Mac | NFL Week 10
Show Details23min
What's Wrong With The Eagles? | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details35min 52s
John McMullen Makes His Eagles-Giants Pick! | McMullen on The Fix
Show Details24min
Time To Put A Bow On The Carson vs. Foles Conversation! | John McMullen on The Fix
Show Details27min 44s
John McMullen and Jody Mac Break Down The Eagles After The Bye Week | Mac Attack Wednesday
Show Details22min 47s
The Eagles Are Finally Healthy! | McMullen on The Fix
Show Details25min 47s
John McMullen Gives The Latest Eagles Updates
Show Details29min 19s
Eagles Are Back From Bye Week | McMullen onThe Fix
Show Details26min 55s
NFL Week 9 | Eagles Bye Week
Show Details24min 33s
The Eagles Get COVID, TNF Recap
Show Details25min 5s
A Classic Johnny Mac NFL Rant | McMullen on The Fix
Show Details30min 54s
Howie Stays Quiet! Eagles Trade Deadline Edition Of The Fix With McMullen and Ryan
Show Details28min 41s
Johnny Mac & Jody Mac Discuss The Eagles After Week 8
Show Details19min
Yes, Carson Wentz is Struggling, No, We Shouldn't Bench Him | McMullen On The Fix
Show Details31min 10s
John McMullen Makes His Pick For Eagles vs. Cowboys!
Show Details30min 47s
Jalen Reagor is BACK For Dallas Week | McMullen on The Fix
Show Details22min 20s
McMullen Joins The Middle For The Latest NFL News and Eagles Updates
Show Details22min 11s
Eagles Are Getting Healthier Before Dallas Week
Show Details22min 30s
McMullen Analyzes Dallas, Eagles Kickers, and Zach Ertz Trade Rumors
Show Details28min 37s
Johnny Mac and Jody Mac Break Into Dallas Week
Show Details21min 44s
Kicking Off Cowboys Week with John McMullen
Show Details29min 55s
Eagles Win! Giants Game Recap
Show Details29min 33s
McMullen Breaks Down The Short Week and Upcoming Giants Game
Show Details25min 44s
A Not-So Overreaction Monday with John McMullen
Show Details26min 9s
Eagles Prepare For Battle Against Lamar & The Ravens
Show Details23min 49s
NFL Updates On A Football-less Thursday Night
Show Details27min 31s
The Eagles Are Injured (Again)
Show Details29min 33s
McMullen Talks Week 5 With Jody Mac
Show Details25min 56s
Where Do The Eagles Stand Through Week 5?
Show Details28min 27s
McMullen and Eytan Recap a Crazy Sports Weekend & Preview Tuesday Night Football!
Show Details14min 11s
Overreaction Monday Breaking Down Eagles-Steelers
Show Details20min 21s
Eagles vs. Steelers Predictions with McMullen and Ryan
Show Details28min 39s
John McMullen Explains COVID-19 Protocols in the NFL After Titans Outbreak
Show Details24min 25s
Foles v. Brady Super Bowl LII Rematch Preview + COVID Cases For Titans
Show Details13min 47s
Eagles vs. 3-0 Steelers. Are They That Good?
Show Details26min 59s
The Eagles WIN! John McMullen and Jody Mac Break Down The Birds' Week 4 W!
Show Details24min 5s
Eagles Identity Through Week 4; Is It There? John McMullen joins The Fix!
Show Details28min 52s
Finally, a Victory Monday For The Eagles! McMullen Breaks Down Week 4 in the NFL
Show Details32min 18s