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FridayPM with Vinesong

FridayPM is a talk show where we tackle everyday topics with eternal significance.

We are a team of 5 Christian musical missionaries called Vinesong, taking the gospel through worship and the spoken word to many nations around the world. We represent 4 nations, South Africa, America, Poland and the UK and often interview people from various cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

This podcast started out as a weekly YouTube broadcast during the 2020 lockdown and we decided to make it more readily accessible to all in a purely audio format.

Every week we take a different subject and relate to it with personal stories and experiences which we back up with biblical references.

We invite guests from all walks of life and nationalities to speak about issues that have had a personal impact on their lives and they share how they have been able to and are able to tackle them in a practical way on topics such as:

Loneliness, health, racism, depression, spiritual survival, money management, evangelism, social media and its role in our lives, plus much more.

So come on and join the fun whilst we tackle life’s issues together. As we like to say ‘Let’s talk about it!


Show Details40min 16s
Putting God First (Part 2)
Show Details32min 33s
Putting God First (Pt 1 of 2)
Show Details25min 1s
Take to the Streets
Show Details42min 45s
Overcoming Abuse
Show Details1hr 2min
Dying to Self
Show Details37min 19s
Vinesong History Part 8 of 8
Show Details30min 25s
Vinesong History Part 7 of 8
Show Details27min 12s
Vinesong History Part 6 of 8
Show Details18min 41s
Vinesong History Part 5 of 8
Show Details27min 20s
Vinesong History Part 4 of 8
Show Details27min 37s
Vinesong History Part 3 of 8
Show Details20min 51s
Vinesong History Part 2 of 8
Show Details30min 20s
Vinesong History Part 1 of 8
Show Details18min 47s
How to Bring Christ to Our Communities
Show Details36min 47s
Don't Despise the Small Beginnings
Show Details33min 20s
Are We in the Last Days?
Show Details37min 13s
Purity in Relationships
Show Details37min 53s
Take Authority
Show Details40min 4s
Ask for Boldness in Christ
Show Details27min 42s
Power in Unity
Show Details34min 8s
What are the Keys to Revival?
Show Details35min 2s
Pray and Believe
Show Details32min 16s
How Do I Deal with Criticism?
Show Details32min 13s
All Things Are Possible
Show Details35min 4s
New Creation
Show Details38min 6s
Mould Me
Show Details38min 6s
The Potter's Hand
Show Details43min 6s
How do I get God's Blessing?
Show Details39min 2s
Why the Wilderness?
Show Details34min 15s
How to Rest
Show Details38min 27s
Revelation TV Presents Pt 2 of 4
Show Details30min 50s
Revelation TV Presents Pt 1 of 4
Show Details29min 24s
How can I find hope?
Show Details34min 8s
The Christ of Christmas
Show Details35min 13s
My Story
Show Details31min 23s
How do I Deal with fear?
Show Details42min
The Joy of the Lord
Show Details38min 43s
What does it mean that God's Love is Unconditional?
Show Details39min 46s
The Cost of Committment
Show Details34min 2s
How Great is Our God!
Show Details38min 15s
Waiting for God
Show Details41min 46s
How Praising God Helps Us
Show Details33min 37s
What is My Calling?
Show Details41min 57s
Show Details37min 2s
Show Details37min 32s
Finding your ministry
Show Details36min 58s
God's Business
Show Details39min 15s
Who is Jesus?
Show Details39min 59s
Show Details42min 28s
Get Wisdom
Show Details43min 30s
Become Like Children
Show Details49min 16s
What is the importance of the Word of God today?
Show Details44min 7s
Who I am in Christ
Show Details38min 58s
Addicted to Jesus
Show Details41min 35s
Reach Out
Show Details42min 31s
True Enlightenment
Show Details52min 57s
Show Details37min 58s
Lingering (In God's Presence)
Show Details49min 3s
Internet: Good Habits
Show Details36min 46s
Tech Talk
Show Details34min 6s
Show Details33min 56s
Forward Thinking
Show Details40min 16s
Think Right
Show Details34min 48s
True Worship
Show Details37min 46s
Show Details48min
S.O.S. Part 2
Show Details32min 9s
S.O.S. Part 1
Show Details38min 51s
Look Forward
Show Details39min 13s
Good FridayPM
Show Details34min 38s
Make it Work
Show Details53min 44s
Run The Race
Show Details39min 49s
In His Presence
Show Details35min 28s
Better Together
Show Details36min 16s
Welcome to FridayPM
Show Details4min 30s