• 3 Months In!

    Long days, longer nights, very little sleep but some fairly memorable milestones come during those first 12 weeks. Sam and Len discuss the somewhat Groundhog Day routine that is formed during those first few months, the non-negotiable baby equipment that become a must and also the overlooked considerations that probably weren’t front of mind considerations until you really need to make sure you have considered them. All in a days fathering. Three months done... a lifetime to go. 

    42m - Aug 23, 2022
  • The 1st Month

    Ask any parent and they will tell you... that first month is so very memorable but at the same time it's a sleep deprived blur.

    Sam and Len discuss their hazy memories of that first month with Chaz and Alfie. Settling techniques, sleep patterns, bonding with your baby and the uncontrollable curve balls that can be thrown your way at any time.

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    41m - May 31, 2022
  • Home time

    "OK... You can take your baby home now." This week, Sam and Len discuss leaving the hospital and coming home with their newest housemates and the countless new experiences that follow in those first few days. From the most cautious car trip you'll ever take, to the joys of cluster feeding and of course the subtle art of burritoing (swaddling).

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    Happy listening!

    Peace and love.

    48m - Apr 18, 2022
  • Birth

    This week, Sam and Len discuss their birth stories. No one can prepare you for the absolutely wild ride of birth, everybody has their own experience, but during this episode the boys try to give you any tips that they found to assist your partner in the best way possible. Things like, dressing up the hospital room to feel more like home and curating your own birth playlist are essential.

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    48m - Apr 5, 2022
  • Pregnancy

    Not sure how to feel during pregnancy? Not sure how to support your partner as best as you can? This week, Sam and Len talk about their partners pregnancy and how they experienced a full range of emotions, from happiness to anxiety. Also there's useful tips on baby names, calm birth courses and getting ready for the big day.

    46m - Mar 7, 2022
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