Episode 29: New Year, New Mindset: Changing Your Life in 2024

28m | Jan 3, 2024

This weeks "Live Life by Design” Podcast episode primarily focuses on personal development and goal setting and going into the new year with a renewed mindset. 

Our hosts explain the significance of action over perfection, emphasizing the power of a positive, growth-oriented mindset in both personal and professional life. They delve into the challenges of transitioning from a conventional 9-to-5 mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset required in real estate. 

The podcast also highlights the importance of embracing failures as stepping stones to success and offers encouragement to step out of your comfort zone for growth. Additionally, our hosts invite listeners to the free Starter Course offered by Become an Investor to learn more about clarity in setting achievable goals and the importance of community support in achieving success in real estate.

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