Episode 44: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: How a Psychology Degree Provides an Edge for This Budding Real Estate Investor with Austin

57m | Apr 17, 2024

This weeks "Live Life by Design" podcast features a conversation with community member Austin Alvarez. His story begins with openly sharing how he once dreamed of playing professional baseball, only to have that goal slip away when he couldn't keep up with his more talented teammates.

The discussion then turns to Austin discussing how he's now applying the lessons he learned with his psychology degree to his real estate pursuits. Our hosts recognize this as a significant advantage, and they challenge Austin to fully leverage that knowledge and discipline to achieve his entrepreneurial aspirations.

The conversation is punctuated with valuable golden nuggets, like the importance of facing your fears and the need to "buy back" your time from a traditional 9-to-5 job. Ultimately, this podcast episode leans into the power of personal growth and the transformative potential of stepping into the unknown. Austin's journey serves as a compelling case study, and our hosts' guidance and encouragement make this a must-listen for anyone seeking the courage to redefine their own path.

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