TriPod - The Trilingual Podcast

TriPod is a podcast made by the Trilingual Voice-over Artist & Language Specialist Alaa Abou El-Nour. In English, Arabic and Turkish, Alaa will explore the miraculous nature of Human Language & Human Voice with Language Learners, Linguists, multilinguals and Voice Specialists from various backgrounds, nationalities and mother tongues.

This is the English Version of the Podcast. Take a deep breath before diving into this unlimited ocean full of gems :)


Talk Like an Egyptian - Khalaas
Show Details39min 16s
Talk Like an Egyptian - Ma'lesh
Show Details45min 8s
Talk Like an Egyptian - Keda (2)
Show Details41min 57s
Talk Like an Egyptian - Keda (1)
Show Details49min 36s
Meet Your Host - Alaa Abou-El-Nour - You're Hearing Voices
Show Details40min 21s