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The Zen Babe Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Veronica Pérez . It features segments on motivation, mindset, goals, transformation stories, love and relationships, spirituality, and so much more. Veronica introduces a modern twist to spiritual awakening as she shares her journey through relatable wisdom. She has drastically transformed her body, relationships, and her mindset. Every episode is meant to inspire and help you connect more with your authenticity. If you're ready to start living in creation then this is the perfect place for you.

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38. Update on My Spiritual Journey (Spilling Tea!)
Show Details30min 25s
37. Do These 3 Things When Dealing With Regret
Show Details8min 7s
36. Finding Your Authenticity
Show Details13min 52s
35. Shifting Reality (Law of Resonance, Law of Attraction, Identify Shift, Law of Expectancy)
Show Details20min 9s
34. Managing Change ( Learning to let go)
Show Details14min 24s
33. Dealing With People That Don’t Agree With You (Short Story on My Trigger)
Show Details10min 38s
32. Do THIS To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs, Heal Inner Child and Reprogram Your Subconscious
Show Details20min 18s
31. Four Universal Laws To Manifest Desires FAST!
Show Details14min 57s
30. A Secret to How I Reprogram My Mind!
Show Details8min 21s
29. Random Talks: Sharing BIG NEWS!
Show Details9min 6s
28. Getting Through COVID and Depression
Show Details18min
27. The Lie About the Law of Attraction!
Show Details14min 23s
26. How To Deal With Family and Friends During A Spiritual Awakening
Show Details8min 58s
25. The ONE Thing That Will Upgrade Your Life!
Show Details12min 5s
24. What I Am Currently Up To
Show Details19min 9s
24. 3 Ways to Practice Self Care That ACTUALLY Work
Show Details8min 6s
23. LIFE CHANGING Steps to Letting Go of Attachment, Relationships, and Outcomes
Show Details10min 58s
22. The Secret To Letting Go
Show Details17min 33s
21. Ending Procrastination And Leveling Up Your Mindset Series- EP 2
Show Details18min 3s
20. Ending Procrastination And Leveling Up Your Mindset Series- EP 1
Show Details18min 21s
19. Understanding Your Triggers
Show Details12min 15s
18. Tuning into Your Divine Feminine Energy
Show Details9min 42s
17. Building Space For Communication in Your Relationship
Show Details9min 23s
16. Creating Balance
Show Details6min 7s
15. Manifesting Love in Your Life
Show Details15min 15s
14. Healing and Raising Your Vibration (Fast Results)
Show Details9min 1s
13. How To Align With Your Best Self FAST
Show Details3min 38s
12. How To Develop Body Confidence
Show Details5min 26s
11. Forgiveness and Accepting what is ( Ho’oponopono )
Show Details9min 11s
10. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think!
Show Details7min 30s
09. The Dark Night of the Soul (How to Get Through it)
Show Details14min 51s
08. The 12 Laws of the Universe Pt2 ( How To Manifest Your Best Life!)
Show Details14min 15s
07. The 12 Laws of the Universe Pt1 ( How To Manifest Your Best Life!)
Show Details21min 13s
06. All about Meditation ( Tips and Techniques! )
Show Details31min 18s
05. My Spiritual Awakening Journey- ( Tips and Techniques)
Show Details19min 1s
04. Powerful Strategies To Overcoming Discouragement
Show Details10min 46s
03. My 3 Step Protocol To Installing Healthy Habits In 66 Day And Getting What You Want In Life!
Show Details7min 8s
02. New Year Goal Prep -It’s Not Too Late!
Show Details8min 52s
1. Intro
Show Details3min 18s