Zen Babe

The Zen Babe Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Veronica Perez. It features segments on motivation and success, mindset, Goals, transformation stories, health and fitness, love and relationships, spirituality, and interviews with professionals in their fields. The host Veronica is a self-proclaimed Transformation Specialist. Veronica has drastically transformed her body, relationships, and her mindset. Every episode is meant to inspire and highly motivate you. If you're ready to start living in creation then this is the perfect place for you.

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08. The 12 Laws of the Universe Pt2 ( How To Manifest Your Best Life!)
Show Details14min 15s
07. The 12 Laws of the Universe Pt1 ( How To Manifest Your Best Life!)
Show Details21min 13s
06. All about Meditation ( Tips and Techniques! )
Show Details31min 18s
05. My Spiritual Awakening Journey- ( Tips and Techniques)
Show Details19min 1s
04. Powerful Strategies To Overcoming Discouragement
Show Details10min 46s
03. My 3 Step Protocol To Installing Healthy Habits In 66 Day And Getting What You Want In Life!
Show Details7min 8s
02. New Year Goal Prep -It’s Not Too Late!
Show Details8min 52s
1. Intro
Show Details3min 18s