Double Cup Convos

The Double Cup Convos podcast is a bi-weekly podcast developed to provide four black people a platform to speak on things that matter to them. The dream team consisting of Kent, Monica, Aj & Anthony will attempt to cover topics ranging from stigmas/stereotypes black people face as well as keeping listeners up to date on the latest in pop culture...OH YEAH...we do all of this whilst trying to test the limits of our livers. The intent is CNN meets 106 & park meets south park, in a hilariously entertaining medley.


F*ck Them Jobs
Show Details1hr 14min
Keep That $h*t A Buck!
Show Details57min 46s
Valentine's Day Vibes
Show Details58min 51s
Success & Growth w/ Monica Ling
Show Details55min 57s
Relationships, Roles & Regulations
Show Details1hr 20min
A Recap of 2020
Show Details50min 30s