A lifetime of talk

A lifetime of talk is a podcast where a bunch of topics are explored such as the experiences of POC or the way that Beauty Standards impact people. The goal of this podcast is to talk for a lifetime (ok, maybe not a literal lifetime) about topics that mean something to people from all types of backgrounds.


Self Care Talk: Bullet Journaling, Creating Goals, Manifesting, Reflecting and taking breaks
Show Details33min 48s
Black Lives Matter: let's talk about Performative Activism & Allyship
Show Details17min 4s
“The Social Dilemma” (review): is social media really all that it seems?
Show Details52min 59s
Why are people losing the ability to empathize?
Show Details16min 25s
Friendship: the different dynamics, introversion vs extroversion and more
Show Details20min 41s
Black Lives Matter: a thorough breakdown on how to be a better ally
Show Details24min 43s
Courage, Self-doubt and making tough decisions
Show Details12min 14s
A short introduction to my podcast
Show Details1min 23s