A lifetime of talk

A lifetime of talk is a podcast by Fatima Zarahu, in which a bunch of topics are explored such as the experiences of POC or the way that Beauty Standards impact people. The goal of this podcast is to talk for a lifetime (ok, maybe not a literal lifetime) about topics that mean something to people from all types of backgrounds.


The media's long time obsession with the "not like other girls" trope and the vilification of femininity
Show Details21min 10s
Cancel Culture: the history, the effects and the structure of accountability in today's society
Show Details16min 59s
Being a high school student during a global pandemic: the expectations vs reality of online schooling
Show Details25min 47s
Self Care Talk: Bullet Journaling, Creating Goals, Manifesting, Reflecting and taking breaks
Show Details33min 48s
Black Lives Matter: let's talk about Performative Activism & Allyship
Show Details17min 4s
“The Social Dilemma” (review): is social media really all that it seems?
Show Details52min 59s
Why are people losing the ability to empathize?
Show Details16min 25s
Friendship: the different dynamics, introversion vs extroversion and more
Show Details20min 41s
Black Lives Matter: a thorough breakdown on how to be a better ally
Show Details24min 43s
Courage, Self-doubt and making tough decisions
Show Details12min 14s
A short introduction to my podcast
Show Details1min 23s